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My wife needs a hobby :)

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  • My wife needs a hobby :)

    Hi all, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place

    The doctor has told my wife she needs to slow down (workaholic), the he says she needs a hobby. She has always been really good at anything arty or crafty and I thought I could help her find a new hobby.

    She made her own charm bracelet a few years ago and really enjoyed doing it.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks all

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    If she like jewellery making there are a number of places online that do starter kits and include all the tools and beads etc.

    Maybe see if there is a class nearby as well she could go to? Be warned though - it quickly becomes addictive!!

    Good luck!

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      Turn on channel 671 on sky - or on line at its called create and craft tv

      - I suffer from depression through work related stress and the doctor gave me the same advice. I am a bit creative and I found this to be a lifesaver! It is a home shopping channel, but it covers all sorts of crafts and it gave me the ideas and incentive to get crafting. Just remember to keep an eye on your credit card - the shopping bit is addictive too!!

      Good luck to your wife xx
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        Cross stitching is a good way to unwind and it also helps keep your brain active and hands flexible.

        I am naturally a very stressfull person and stitching really helps me calm at the end of the day.

        Knitting is also recommended but I could never do that!
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          Jewellery making can start as a hobby and become a full time job by mistake for a workaholic - that's what happened to me, HaHa! Wouldn't let that put her off though - it's very absorbing and quite addictive but great fun, I love it hugely
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            I now make jewellery and agree it can be quite addictive. Knitting is very calming and at the end, she has something wonderful.

            Put her on the craft forum, she'll meet like minded people and may see something she hasn't ever tried or thought of.

            Good luck in taming her busy lifestyle!