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Lily Allen Riches to Rags

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  • Lily Allen Riches to Rags

    Did anyone watch this the other night? I recorded it then sat and looked at it yesterday. Is it me but will those clothes whiff of cigarette smoke and the prices she wanted to charge to rent them plus the tantrum when Mary Portas got an action group to give opinions, welcome to the real world. I will continue to watch as I love this sort of programme always glued to the apprentice but felt that she was acting like a petulant teenager just because she had the money, claiming she did not want to do Lucy in Disguise off her name, yeah right and sorry but I would have slappped her with that behaviour.

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    Hahaha I was thinking some of those things myself actually.She doesn't mind using her fame and name though to make a TV programme about it though does she? Still we'll see what happens next time...


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      I thought the same, especially the cigarette smoke! She really seems to live on a different planet, the prices she wanted to charge for hiring out stuff was madness


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        I taped it but it only recorded a few seconds(bloomin digital, bring back videos!!!)
        Ive never liked Lily Allen and from what your saying I can see i would have been wound up by the programme, though Il still try to catch it when its on next.
        We'd all love to do what she is doing (or similar)Id like to see how much she would struggle if she was a nobody!

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          I agree, I am not keen on her just interested in the concept but the first programme she came over at times as a giggling teenager thinking it was all a game, when others like us are struggling as do not have £250K to invest in a business, easy when you can throw money at it along with a name, the success comes when you start on a shoestring as the majority of crafters do and no one knows you


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            Yup. My jaw dropped at the cigarette smoke. Still I'm hooked. Can't wait to see what she does next.


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              She acts like a spoilt child who is obviously used to getting what she wants!

              I think the majority of us, be it living in or out of London, wouldn't pay such silly prices for simply hiring an item. I wouldnt pay those prices if I were buying one let alone hiring!

              I guess this is the attitude and approach you will get from someone who has the money to spend and invest straight away into a business whereas a good percentage of us start at the bottom and work our way up slowly.

              It was the sister who really made me laugh. How many of us watching the programme really believed that excuse about the car she was travelling in to the airport then ran out of petrol?!! Would it then take you an extra week to finally get to the airport? If the car she was travelling in ran out of petrol then at some point she would have made a decision to either continue in some way, shape or form to the airport or decide to go back and stay another week. Surely this wasnt the only vehicle available that day to take her to the airport.

              I dont think its the selling of the clothes and her business Lilly Allen will have to worry about but I think it will be the honesty and loyality of her sister!!?? Watch this space!!





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                making a tv programme about giving up fame....erm ok, how does that work?


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                  ooh I recorded this but
                  have yet to watch it - sounds like a good one! :-)
                  Leanne Thurston