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  • Photography and models

    I look at the photographs on other people's websites and how professional they look.

    Do you use photographers and models for your sites or are you all skilled in photography with glamorous relatives/friends?

    I'd love to completely make over my website to promote the jewellery and accessories.
    I spend so much time, effort and love on each piece, I would just like to be able to present it better.

    Any advice?

    Thanks. x

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    I have exactly the same problem Eiledon, everybody else seems so good at the photography. So I would also be interested in any advice anybody can give on taking decent photographs of my work.
    I have bought a "small" photographic tent (approx24"x24") but am not really sure where/how/if I use lighting with it.
    My biggest item to photograph is approx 14" high, so nothing excessive. I've tried "staging" each item but end up with too many distractions, i've been in the garden but usually end up with shadows or even insects I hadn't noticed! I seem to take 100 pics and get 1 decent one if i'm lucky.......;o( any advice would be great. x


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      Hiya, Firstly have you tried asking your friends and relative if they're keen photographers? Might sound obvious but as Digi camera's are coming down in price more and more people are taking it up as a hobby, work colleagues other halves, friends grown up children etc might be able to give you some hands on advice.

      My dad is a semi proffesional photographer and has a lot of kit but I've picked up a few tips over the years!

      • Firstly natural light is very important, all domestic lighting will give your pics a very yellow cast, I have a conservatory and find photographing in there much betters as the light is diffused so you don't get any hard shadows, light cloud cover does the same job.

      • Get a large sheet of Paper, stick one end to the wall and the other to the table top so you get a curve instead of a corner, place you product on the table in front of the curve and this will stop you getting hard lines in the photo so your background will just be nice and flat.

      • Use a tripod, you can pick them up pretty cheap and they're worth their weight in gold. You can set up the shot then just change the products with no messing. It also means you don't risk any blurry shots.

      • Again sounds obvious but read the camera instructions, make sure your using the right setting for close up shots.

      • I'd also say don't try and be too clever, If your taking a pic of the product that should be the focus, if you want to stage some shots I'd suggest doing whole rooms sets with the full lifestyle feel.

      • Obviously Jewelery is a lot harder as it would be really nice to get models in the shots, have you tried contact your local college and offering it as a project to photography and hair and makeup students? could be a cheap way of getting a semi professional job?

      There is no denying that professional photography with life models is the best option for most, might be worth looking at the cash flow and seeing if it's a viable option. it'll be an investment if it helps your business

      hope I've been of some help, sorry if not



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        My first website had my own photographs and I used my daughters friends as models and I thought it was fine untill I re-did it using a proper model and a proper photographer and the difference was amazing! I also hired a hair and make up artist and It is really worth doing. Your images sell your product.

        I did mine on a shoestring though, I did a charity fashion event and got talking to some of the young models and found the girl who modelled for me. SHe would have done it for free in return for the photos for her portfolio. The photographer is a colleague from my building so I struck lucky. You could approach your local college/uni and see if there are budding photographers who would like to do a shoot.

        Facebook is a good place to put a post on about models.


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          Hi Jackie,
          There is a professional photographer exhibiting at the Edwinstowe Craft Fair, who is going to be offering a deal for product shots to the other exhibitors. I'm not sure of the exact deal and not in a position to outright recommend as she hasn't done any for me personally. You can view her commercial work on her website
          Looking forward to seeing you next week x
          Victoria x


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            Thanks everyone for your helpful advice. Going to get manual out and get myself a big sheet of white paper.

            Have done some shots in the conservatory with things on a white tablecloth on a table, but still get shadows.

            Glad Gail replied as I have been admiring your photography.

            Thanks Victoria, will look at the website and have a word with them at the craft fair.




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              well since Ive had the photography done Ive tried to photograph things myself and I just cant use those pics anymore! So Ive asked the photographer to do me another mini shoot which Im going to share with a make up girl so it wont cost me too much.

              My daughter does the marketing for a sunglasses company and their photographer charges £24 a product! That's a lot to add on to a price of anything!


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                Are you using the macro setting on your camera? It makes a big difference for things like jewellery.
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