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Box Making - Silhouette v Scoreboard and satin cushions.

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  • Box Making - Silhouette v Scoreboard and satin cushions.

    Hi folks,

    This is my first post ever. I'm starting to make small hand painted gift items which I'd like to put in shallow gift boxes, which will be roughly 18cmx18cmx5cm and have a satin/silk/velvet cushion. I've been researching packaging for days and commercially available packaging seems either too expensive or the wrong size, so I'm considering making my own.

    I've researched some scoreboards and I also have access to a Silhouette cutter, which I believe can be used to score card. I'd also like the boxes to be fairly rigid, good quality and be quite quick to make. My questions are:

    1. Can the scoreboards and Silhouette cutters handle quite heavy card or does this make it difficult to score?

    2. What's a good weight of card to use for a sturdy box?

    3. Would I be better to buy a scoreboard (if so, which brand would be best for this project?) or is the Silhouette the best thing to use? I've been thinking about the Martha Stewart board.

    4. For the satin cushion, I was thinking of covering some foam/wadding/batting with fabric and maybe reinforcing it with card and gluing it at the back. Is there a better/more professional/more efficient way?

    I'm hoping all you experienced crafters can give me some pointers, as I can paint, but have otherwise very limited crafting skills!

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    To be honest I don't think the silhouette would cut the thickness of card you would need to use to make a sturdy box that size. 18cm is a pretty big, flat box for making at home (just my opinion). I have some 300gsm card that my craft robo (very similar to the sihouette) wouldn't cut through and I don't think that would make a quality sturdy box. If it was me I'd buy a guillotine and a scoreboard. Most of the scoreboards are good. I love my Martha Stewart one but also often turn to my Crafters Companion Topscore board as on the back it has lines for boxes and the corresponding lid so it's easy to size them properly.

    The silhouette is also extremely expensive just to buy to cut rectangles out for the boxes and has quite a learing curve to being able to use it efficiently.

    Hope that helps!
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      Hi Elin,

      Thanks for that advice - it really does help! I actually wouldn't have to go out and buy the Silhouette, I have one that I bought for another project, but I've lent it to someone. I haven't learned to use the Silhouette yet, but it sounds like the scoreboard is the way to go for heavier card anyway. Thanks again for the info.