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Weighted blanket for a disabled child

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  • Weighted blanket for a disabled child

    Hello all, sorry I have'nt been around for a while but Angelic Folk has been on the back burner and I've been spending lots of time with my lovely family.

    Anyway, you may know my son is Autistic and a friend of ours is an occupational therapist. We were discussing the use of deep pressure on autistic people and how beneficial it has been for Robbie and she suggested a weighted blanket might help him with his sleep problems. She sent me this link and once I had picked myself off the floor after looking at the price I thought I might have a go at making one myself. My only question is what to use for the weights does anyone know what the beads they use are called? and are they expensive? could I use rice instead? or would that be a bad idea for something that will be used for sleeping?

    Hopefully if this works he wil be able to get more than 2 hours of unbroken sleep a night....... and then so can I - yay!

    Many thanks for any help you can offer
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    Hi Karen,

    A friend of mine makes weighted blankets. she uses marbles sewn in pockets...

    I'll be honest and say I didn't quite understand the technique she uses...will pm you.x
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      Hi Karen, you can use the type of pellets that are used in beany baby toys etc. You can get them from really small lightweight beads to slightly heavier steel shot (especially for dolls). I would advise double bagging before putting into the pockets just to make them extra secure.
      You can also get ready made bean bags , the type that are used for sports etc in schools. I used to be a scout leader and we used to get ours through a local school but I'm sure you can get them on e.bay etc.
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        The first thing that springs to mind is - rice! However, the issue with using anything that moves rather than being a solid is how the person will respond to different textures - my godson is autistic and there are certain things which can get him very distressed, sadly.



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          I am not a sewer nor have I any experience of weighting but I did just have one thought as to why rice may not be suitable.

          Like any bedding I'm guessing that your blanket will need to be washing machine friendly - rice would absorb the water and end up a sludgy mess, the same as if anything were spilled on your blanket then I'd imagine the rice would end up a sticky bundle. Unless you can secure the rice/filling inside waterproof bags which can then be removed for washing?

          Like I said, I've no idea - just a thought from an 'outsider' lol

          Laura xxx


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            here we go, my friend came back to me!
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              Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply.

              I loved the bean bag idea I had'nt thought of that and if sparkly had'nt sent me the poly pellets link I think I might have tried that instead.

              His new bed has arrived now so I had better get on with it, will let you know how I get on and thanks again
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                hi i am new here but i do make wheat bags using bulger wheat ,it can,t be washed but what about removable packs in pockets?