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How can I decorate tables for a fundraising curry night?

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  • How can I decorate tables for a fundraising curry night?

    Our preschool is holding a fundraising Curry & Quiz night on Saturday. It's in a (perfectly nice but bland) village hall. We don't really want to spend any money but I'd like to create something of an atmosphere. There are going to be maybe 10 trestle type tables out which means that to use fabrics etc will be really expensive. I've got tealights, and quite a bit of oasis so could do something with cheap supermarket flowers maybe? I've also got loads and loads of beads (all types).

    Just wondered if anyone please had any amazing ideas of something I could do which won't cost much?

    Ooh, I like those paper bag tea light holders, maybe I could do something like that?? Just a thought?

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    Paper tablecloths and felt tip pens from the £1 shop and get the children to decorate them.

    Our local £1 shop have some huge paper flowers that look like big dahlias in fab colours. Put just one in a small jam jar, paste cheap tissue paper on the outside to make it opaque in a colour to contrast with the flower.

    Decorate the tops of empty jam jars with bead garlands, tissue paper the outside again, just one layer so they are opaque, and use them for the tea lights they should glow in lovely gem like colours.

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      how about utilising the paper table cloths ...stick some who's who photographs on teh tables for a bit of extra fun


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        How about gathering up 10+ jam jars and using a stencil (stars, sea shells) and white tennis shoe polish decorate the outside to make little lanterns - I have the jars that I did a dozen years ago and they come out at Christmas - I even just did overlapping circles on some.

        Also how about some bowls of Haribos to aid concentration?



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          Asi it's for the pre-school could the kids make the paper flowers or other table decorations? This usually goes down well when we do a fundraiser using tables to sit at.
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            cheap wrapping paper table runners down the centre of the tables?
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              I take it then that small children won't be around? ( Tea lights)...If not then you can put coloured beads in plain white paper bowls from the pound shop, to add colour, or have them strewn on the tables...( not sure how many you have).
              As it's also an Indian theme, and coloured paper you can find and make into paper flowers on the table look good too. But yes, bright coloured flowers...actually you can find some good cheap things in the pound shop...
              You could recycle old colourful plastic bags too this way, by making flowers or streamers or something similar with them...
              I would just think 'colour' to go with your theme...Also have a look on Ebay/fabricland and get a strip of organza...that could be used for table runners, so shouldn't cost too much.Or a reel or two of thick colourful ribbon, that's cheap but would brighten things up.
              Also a couple of Joss sticks burning to add to the 'feel'....