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It felt like Christmas this morning!

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  • It felt like Christmas this morning!

    This morning had a Christmas feel to it, maybe due to the rain and dark sky.A lovely feeling all the same, then again Christmas isnt far away.
    Anybody else got the Christmas bug?

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    Yep - I started on a decoration thingy yesterday! Just hand-sewing a square shape to fill with dried lavender & stick in a bowl with temaris. It's my first attempt at hand-sewing that isn't cross stitch, & I don't think I'd done blanket stitch since school!!
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      Yep - got the stuff out to make some decorations but just haven't got round to it yet - not even sure that they will work as it's not something I have done before! Gotta try new things though - keeps the brain active!
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        I'm not feeling Christmassy though I do know what I'm getting everyone for presents... just need to buy the stuff...
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          Last year on the approach to christmas I became very very stressed because I sold out of stock 4 times. I promised myself that I would never let that happen again and that I would be organised and make loads of stuff during the summer, I've been so busy I haven't had time and so I am slightly worried that I may sell out agin coz my local mailing list is getting pretty big.
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            Just last night I was looking out the window at the rain and I said to my other half 'ow, it feels all Christmassy!!'. I was all excited until I remembered that it is only the middle of august and surely we are due a bit more sun before the Christmas puddings break free!!
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              Funny enough I was desinging some new christmas decs at the weekend to work on, plan to start working on them soon once my current rush of orders are out of the way. I just LOVE Christmas, you've got me all excited now!!!
              Jo x

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                Yep! Starting to do Christmas Cards and I have an order for some already!!


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                  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH HH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................IT'S AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    Went into town today (yes i know i should have been making stuff but i got distracted)
                    And what did i buy???????
                    3 Packs of HALF PRICE CHRISTMAS CARDS from a posh gift shop which i would never have bought at full price i was soooo chuffed!!


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                      I can't believe the shops have Christmas stuff in already ----- it's only August but funnily enough I was sitting with my daughter who was playing with a jigsaw puzzle and I actually had time to sit for 5 minutes and have a read at my new book (a lovely little horror by James Herbert!!) - was looking at the rain chucking it down and thought this feels like Christmas - it has felt like Christmas all sodding summer though cause it hasn't stopped raining.



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