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  • If you craft for a living....

    If you make your living from a particular craft, do you also have a different hobby?

    Just wondered as I feel that although Im making stuff all day, I would really like to have the chance to do something creative just for myself. Mind you chance would be a fine thing!

    My fingers are hovering over the buy button for some lovely metal stamps in Etsy that I know I probably wont get the use of, but would love to make something just for me and not for sale!

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    Both hobby and work tend to overlap, make clothes for myself, curtains for the house etc. Do read a lot which is not creative, enjoy walking miss the dog for that as not the same on your own but hopefully that will be solved mid June, cooking, love to cook, embroidery although have done to sell takes so long so tend to do for relatives gifts etc. I think when you are creative and do that as the day job it does over flow into your home life.


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      No!!!!!!! I NEED to find a moment to get out and weed my garden, and I need to get my brain round the past tense of Spanish verbs.......but I've got two people who will be naked at Easter if I stop for a minute and a crazy/lovely customer whose got me popping cloves in oranges and up to my elbows in soap flakes and porrige.
      Can't stop and chat must get back to chopping up material.


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        That's exactly why I joined this forum. I love my work but it has completely taken over my life and I need to get back to having some 'me' creative time.
        I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it! La jardin lavande


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          I read a lot, and I browse the internet. I don't have time for any other hobbies! My work keeps me busy 7 days a week.


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            Originally posted by Daesul View Post
            I read a lot, and I browse the internet. I don't have time for any other hobbies! My work keeps me busy 7 days a week.
            I'm the same. It'd be so lovely to find time to do other crafts but for now it just isn't happening.

            Reading and gardening are my "switch off" hobbies, I guess. Not enough time for those either!
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              We are the same, as soon as we turned our hobby into a business all spare time went out of the window.

              I am having a day "off" today though, I am surrounded by paperwork which needs to be put in order for VAT returns, loads more booking forms to fill out etc etc.

              I am now at the stage where all my friends are in my computer, which is really quite sad:-(

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                Cheer up Jane. One of the friends in my computer stepped out and drove a hundred miles to come and see me. All she got was a cup of tea - and a very long natter - oh she might have come because her daughter is one of the birthday suit people I mentioned

                Anyway, sometimes our efriends materialise into real beings. Much better than a computer game, don't you think?

                And I got to eat all the biscuits she didn't want .


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                  Oh i switch off every day if i can even if only for an hour in the evening .. and at least twice a month we get out the Guitars, Mandolins Banjo's etc etc and meet up with like minded souls somewhere in Devon and play music for hours on end. Oh and try a few beers at the same time too.

                  You must take time out and have fun ..


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                    But if your hobby has become the day job you are having fun all the time. I start to feel guilty and think I ought to take an hour off to do something I hate!


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                      I agree with potpartner to some extent, you do need to have a bit of a life!

                      I absolutely love my job but Id hate to think that's all I was


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                        Originally posted by gbell View Post
                        I agree with potpartner to some extent, you do need to have a bit of a life!

                        I absolutely love my job but Id hate to think that's all I was
                        That's it... we are very lucky to be able to make a living from what we do but in order to make a living we have to do 'rather a lot of it' and all that work needs to be repaid ( for me anyway ) by something more than the material stuff that money buys. It's all too easy , as I know too well myself, to fall into the cycle of endless working and, as they say, ... all work and no play....


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                          I'm another one who does this 7 days a week, and no free time.

                          Worse during the winter months though, one of my outlets that sell my bags is a Wildlife Centre, so I do try to get there more often when the weather is better along with the camera and have some time watching the wildlife and taking photo's, we also try to get out some evenings with the camera's when the nights are lighter, photographing sunsets and the like.

                          I do enjoy my job, but as someone here says it does become all you are at times.

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                            On the up side how many people have a three week holiday a year where they earn money without trying? (It was this holiday/event that started me on the road as Annie the Pedlar.)


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                              I cook for a living and make the jewellery as a hobby; although I regard it as a business as well

                              I never cook at home, hate it, hate my kitchen, very fussy with food at home and just a general PITA for my husband to cook for!
                              Yet I love my job, would never dream of changing jobs unless it was to do the jewellery

                              I still enjoy the jewellery loads, just before Xmas it had kind of turned into a chore as it was very busy; and I was very busy at work as well as catering is just one whole nightmare during December

                              Apart from that I live on the net and am a big home lover, have 2 gorgeous cats and 5 chickens who keep me running around after them
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