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A Sad Day

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  • A Sad Day

    It was a bit of a sad day today for me and my nappy cakes.

    Basically, one of the hospitals that have stocked my nappy cakes practically since I started making them is having a huge amount of building work taking place right outside the shop which will be ongoing until summer 2012.

    Because of the extent of the work going on, the main door which all visitors had to use to get to the maternity wards, and which led everybody directly past the shop, has now been closed off. This means that all visitors now enter from the other side of the hospital and therefore don't go anywhere near the shop.

    Since mid-December I have sold just 8 nappy cakes, whereas before the works started I was selling between 3 - 10 a week!

    Unlike the other two shops I supply, this one just rented me shelving space and over the past couple of months I have been paying them more than I have been making from sales which kind of defeats the object.

    So, I have taken the very difficult decision to pull all my stock out. I did say to the shop owner that I would love to come back (if they will still have me) once everything is finished and the main door is open again, but that is obviously some way off.

    I now have nappy cakes everywhere in my living room and am seriously thinking of having a bit of a sale to try and deplete their numbers somewhat.

    So, I guess its back to the drawing board of trying to find another place to stock them which is no easy feat seeing as they seem to be becoming more and more popular with new people making them every day (just google nappy cake and you will see what I mean!).
    Laura x

    email:- [email protected]

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    *hugs* look at it as a fresh start? *big hugs!*
    take a look at my blog...


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      Aw Laura i'm sorry to hear your sad news, but keep your chin up you will find somewhere else to sell your nappy cakes. I wish you luck Dee


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        I think you made the right decision, Laura. There is no point paying money out to rent space which isn't going to be seen. Also, the building work is likely to end up with very dusty air which is likely to cause problems after a while for your lovely products (you would probably end up having to repackage everything). It is all money you could use for better things right now.

        Think of it this way - the craft fair season is starting now and you have a huge amount of stock ready for all those last minute purchases! Stay positive and see this as a definite 'glass half full' moment!
        Ali x

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