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  • Which could it be?

    How exciting, I have something waiting for me at the post office which i can only get tomorrow, now I have 2 possibilities, it could be the replacemnet 'brain' beads or a flood of swarovski, both were asked for yesterday so very quick delivery!!

    Which is it, hmmm, wood, or glass, wood glass, glass wood, wood glass.
    Its almost unbearable.

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    ooooooor it could be a letter that someone forgot to put a stamp on!!hehe

    I had that once, it was blinking theatre tickets i was not happy.


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      Turns out its a prezzy from a pal of mine that moved away last year.Im saving it til Monday.
      Thought it may have been 1 of 2 bead orders, but nope, may get them on Monday!

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        or it could be a prize you forgot you entered! I had a ps3 turn up the other day that i didnt think i won! lol
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          It was a brown envelope.
          I have put it on my pile of prezzys.When I say pile I mean the mountain made by the box folders I asked for for my birthday.

          So I still have 2 packages of purchases to arrive, wood/glass beads, then I can start to make things again, its been 5 weeks!!

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