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Your job title for Business Link NW Exhibition

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  • Your job title for Business Link NW Exhibition

    Business Link are holding an exhibition at Manchester Central on 4-5th May

    You can get free tickets from the above link.

    I was resistering when it asked me my job title, I wasn't sure what to put so put sole trader until I came to the last page whic showed my details in a badge form which didn't look right so I had a think and came up with Creative Development Director which sounds so much better.

    So what is the best job title you have used?

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    I was a Credit Controller and some snotty person asked me the same question and without batting an eyelid I responded "Finance Executive". That shut her up. Dont know if she ever found out I wasn't.
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      My worst was in IT

      Product and

      I asked my boss if he was serious and he got all shouty! And then changed the title for us all!
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        have just registered myself. I put Mossley Modelmaker - which is me. And owner.
        I am, after all, my own business and the principal of a business is surely the same whatever the size. I did have a slight thought to say ' am I doing the right thing?' but yes I have as much to give and learn as anyone else there! Besides which, I couldn't think of an appropriate title - Chief Modelmaker just didn't sound right!
        Alan Tolfrey.