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    am new to the forum, building posts until i can link to my shop... this subject has probably been covered here and there but does anyone have an 'ethical' approach to what they make?

    on etsy there was a massive debate about the rights / wrongs of people using coral. as a vegan i don't use animal products, i also recycle and salvage as many of my materials as possible. i don't like erotica and wouldn't make or buy any such craft product. thoughts welcome.

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    I try and ensure I only sell items on my website and folksy that I have designed myself, or I have permission from the designer to sell the cross stitch version.
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      yes, originality is good practice. all my stuff is designed by myself and the great design fairy in the sky tho of course it's impossible to escape influence. it's how we uniquely bring together influences that makes our stuff, well, unique.


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        Yep, no animal by-products or products. Fellow vegan here *waves*

        Ethics of hobby/craft supplies is a bit of a minefield though - I try to stay away from mined supplies like semi-precious stones too, but meanwhile I'm typing on a computer that more than likely has mined metals in it *shrugs* My opinion is you have to do the best that you can, as far as realistically possible.
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          my attitude is to be as absolute as possible. of course, there are compromises to be made even in order to breathe but there are so many ways to improve the ethical-ness of what we make. the constraints this places on the work process helps creativity rather than hinders it. i constantly look at my work practice and ask where i can make it more eco friendly, more animal friendly etc. as an anti-capitalist i also have a few issues there but seeing as i've sold no items thro my etsy shop i'm not yet taxed too much by this problem.


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            btw why are there 5 yellow stars next to the title of this thread?


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              Originally posted by redrobot View Post
              btw why are there 5 yellow stars next to the title of this thread?
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                Most of our products are Vegan Society Registered, we go out of our way to keep separate utensils and equipment for non vegan and vegan range.

                I get concerned when I see products described as "vegan friendly" has the seller for instance checked that there is no animal matter in the ingredient/component?

                Olive oil is a classic example - many own labels varieties have added omega3 - but do not put in on the label.

                We have to get confirmation all along our supply chain to get the correct information.

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                  i also don't use rainforest wood or new aluminium after seeing a biblical photo of child labour used in opencast brazilian bauxite mining. remarkably easy to do without.


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                    many craft jewellers use pearls. but is it really right that many small animals should die a grotesque death for mere adornment?

                    "Harvesting of the cultured pearls is usually carried out manually. However, the process can be automated with the use of simple machines. In the case of manual extraction the pearls are collected by initially separating the two shell valves, by cutting the adductor muscle, making an incision on the gonad and squeezing the pearl out. The machines used for pearl extraction usually work by dissolving the oyster soft body parts with the use of chemicals while the pearls remain as they are and become easily extractable."


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                      i also don't do christmas, easter, eid, diwali or any other religious festival. i have done a winter solstice card but i see that as more of an astrophysical thing than any wacked out pagan hokum.


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                        Originally posted by redrobot View Post
                        wacked out pagan hokum.
                        Careful there, we don't want to offend anyone............


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                          I am a vegetarian and I always think about where stuff comes from e.g. semi-precious stones, but often just try ignore whats actually behind it. If I think about it, I just get more depressed. When someone asks for something e.g. leather thonging, I don't like to be awkward and just go ahead with it. I try to live my life in an ecological way, but its so hard and I know I can do a lot better. One of my aims is to use sustainable/fair/natural products.

                          I'm looking into refining my diet. It seems crazy that I can eat bog-standard cheddar cheese which comes from milk etc etc which I don't agree with, but not eat the type of meat, say Hugh Fearnley Whit... produces, which I do.

                          Anyway, we hardly ever throw anything away and we reuse most things for often unique ideas around the house!!
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                            As a woodturner I try and use materials that are ethically sourced where possible. There are certain woods I wouldn't use such as rubber wood at all and others that I use only recycled. I use a fair bit of offcuts and old furniture for exotic woods and try and source as much wood as I can locally from gardens, tree surgeons, hedgerows etc. There may be things that I wouldn't make but I haven't been asked for any yet. Can't think of much in the way erotica that is wooden for example (no need to tell me either LOL) It would be impossible for any of us to be totally ethical regarding the environment and other creatures I am afraid however hard we try but each should live and craft according to their own conscience I believe.

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                              each should live and craft according to their own conscience I believe.
                              that sounds very libertarian but it is an unsustainable argument. just to give an extreme but illustrative example:

                              "Ilse Koch is the most famous of all Germans accused of having committed atrocities during the war. She was the wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald camp. She was twice convicted in post-war trials, once by an international court and once by her own country. The chief charges against her were cruelty to inmates, including murder, but what she is best-known for is the making of human-skin ornaments, including the lampshades of which we've all heard."

                              your relaxed attitude to production would approve of this. what i'm saying is that there are certain things we could all agree on if only the arguments were respected. of course they're not.

                              I am a vegetarian and I always think about where stuff comes from e.g. semi-precious stones, but often just try ignore whats actually behind it. If I think about it, I just get more depressed.
                              perhaps if you were doing something about it you would not get depressed. knowing that you're not resisting must be the depressing bit.

                              Careful there, we don't want to offend anyone............
                              you think they're watching?