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  • Cuttlefish csting ~ Pewter

    Next week is half term and my son is off from work. Since Christmas he's been watching You tube tutorials and reading all about the art of cuttlefish casting with pewter. He's now ordered all the things he'll need to cast pendants. Do you have any tips and advice. The thought of metal that hot fills me with trepidation and dispite the fact that he has the safelty clothing I'm petrified at the thought (although I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.
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    I was reading this thread the other day maybe it might help :-)!

    Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with though - hope he will share his results :-)

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      Get him to do it outside or in a garage/shed. If it's spilt the floor will be ruined. Also a bucket of cold water close by would be a good idea too!

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        In this health and safety mad age this will horrify you but I was casting pewter at 9 years old. I made a 'crucible' from a small baked bean can. I bent the top to make a lip for pouring, used pliers for the handle, melted everything on the hob in the kitchen (the sink is near by). We were all doing it and had lots of fun. If I burnt myself I don't remember it and bear no scars.......just the thoughts of what's all the fuss about. (I might think twice if my grandchild to be asked to cast in my spankingly newly made over kitchen. )
        I'm say what my son said to me when playing with fire poi. "Don't worry mum. It's cold fire."
        Melted pewter is not that hot. It is hot but other melted melted metals are way hotter.
        In the metal world melting pewter is on a par with melting butter.

        Let him have fun and learn to be careful.


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          He's 19 and works in a lab with all sorts of dangerous stuff. I'm just being a wussy mother!
          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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            It sounds great fun!! I love working with metal. Hope you share the results.
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              I've done a U turn and am now with you in being a wussy mum. Middle son (doing a diving course) has just emailed "I'm swimming with sharks. Don't worry they are good sharks."


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                definatly need a wussy mother thread!
                full time mum and very very part time crafter.