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  • Folksy Shop?

    Hi Everyone.

    I just wanted to know the basics of Folksy, does it cost monthly to run? Have you made many sales ?

    Im considering setting a shop up, as I have so many paintings under my bed being stored. Im afraid my bed will hit the ceiling lol

    Is it better than ebay ?

    Many Thanks

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    It costs 20p to list an item in your folksy shop and they take 5% commission if something sells there are no other costs. My sales are slowly growing since I joined in with the daily listing challenges.
    I would say give it a go, art is really big over there at the minute especially aceo's






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      I have sold one item on Folksy but I feel I need to put in more effort. I'm spending most of my time building websites just now
      So how do you boost sales on Folksy, is it just by joining in or does anyone have some tips?


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        Ive sold around 40 items on Folksy, never managed to sell anything on ebay or Etsy.Fees are quite good really.I thought it would put me off joining but you only have to pay them when your listings reach over something like £4.00, if its under you dont have to pay that month.

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          It's 20p per listing and that listing stays on there for 6 MONTHS. Unlike eBay, where it's only 10 days. There's also commission (5% I think) on the final sale price. I've had a shop for about a year and have sold 21 items. Folksy has helped in getting my work known and is a good supplement to my other sales venues.

          It does help if you join in with Folksy Fridays now and then of course (if you don't know what that is, look at the blog page on my website).

          I'm very happy with Folksy.


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            We have had our Folksy shop since March 2010 and have had 19 sales... not a huge number but better than I've had through Ebay or Zibbet, or Misi for that matter.

            Nineteen doesn't seem like a lot of sales over the time we've been on there but when you consider we weren't really promoting our Folksy store until recently we can't complain, it's only recently that we've begun to participate on the Folksy forums and now all of our business cards include our Folksy store as well as our own website so we're getting more traffic on there now.

            Through participating in the Folksy forums we've also had a few commission orders from fellow members which we probably wouldn't have had by just listing on the site and not social-ising so it's all worthwhile

            With regards to the fees, they are very competitively priced at 20p per listing which lasts for six months, then 5% commission - far cheaper than the likes of Ebay. I also think the fact that Folksy is full of people who appreciate arts and crafts then your work will sell for a better price as it's not just people looking for a bargain, they actually understand what a piece is worth.

            We will definitely be continuing to expand our Folksy store and would recommend the site - the customer services/support is great and any time we've had an issue they've been very quick to respond. There is also Folksy support on Twitter who will help or point you in the right direction.

            Hope this helps

            Laura xx


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              The more you promote a folksy store the better you do. There are dailiy listing groups and other opportunities for exposure. You can't expect it to work if you don't promote as there is a lot of competition.
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                I've had my Folksy shop for 15 months and sold 116 items. I join in the daily listing club which really raises a shop's profile, promote on FB and have found a few bricks and mortar shops via the forum to stock my rings and earrings.

                I'd recommend Folksy. Great site, friendly forum, good art community there too.


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                  Sorry to jump on this thread, but would you recomend folksy over misi?? I've sold a few things on Misi, but only thorugh referral from Facebook page. Thinking I might change my stuff over folksy if there's more chance of getting sales



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                    Originally posted by goblindreams View Post
                    Sorry to jump on this thread, but would you recomend folksy over misi?? I've sold a few things on Misi, but only thorugh referral from Facebook page. Thinking I might change my stuff over folksy if there's more chance of getting sales
                    MISI seems to be out of action at the mo, but I don't think anyone knows if it's temporary or otherwise.

                    ETA - FB update indicates it should only be a temporary outage
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                      I've got to get myself in gear..... tomorrow I'm setting up my blog.. yay.

                      Then I need to get a website set up then I'll sort out a Folksy Shop, I've already got a fb page and although I haven't got a lot of followers as yet I have sold a few bits and got some commissions. Like 'Paintpalettearts' I too have stored paintings and I think Folksy and a website are the way to go.

                      Question... do you need a website before you can join Folksy????
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                        I set up a folksy shop about a month ago and have had 5 sales there. I think it would be worth giving it a go. I've found that the fees are very reasonable and everyone seems really friendly there.

                        No, you don't need a website. I don't have one, all I have is Folksy at the minute


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                          Thanks again for the replies. Have been looking into Folksy and thinK I might give it a go!


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                            Do you pay taxes for the sales on Folsky? I imagine you are self-employed, right? Thank you.