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Good year - Bad Year 2011

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  • Good year - Bad Year 2011

    Only February and I am totally fed up with 2011.

    Two weeks ago both cars on our drive were vandalised. Wing mirrors ripped off and door damaged in the attempt - cost = 2 lots of excess. The area is so quiet. Lived here 9 years with no trouble any where.

    This week my two month old kiln (cost me £850) has packed up. The bricks in the lid have broken. Should be covered under the warranty but now having to wait till I here from the company. My first craft fair is planned for March.

    Feeling very miserable. What else is 2011 going to bring me. Hope everyone else is having a much much better year.
    I come back here from time to time
    I shelter here some days.

    by Pauline

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    I think there are a few people having a bad year so far, myself included! I suppose the only way to look at it is that it has to improve...doesn't it??

    If the kiln is only two months old then you should go to trading standards if the company get funny about it, if you've used it following the instructions they've provided then it means it's not fit for purpose as it should definitely last more than two months! Make sure you take pictures of it just in case you have to return it and then they decide to become awkward, at least you then have some evidence! Hopefully it won't come to that and will all be sorted in time for your fair


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      I was really rather hoping I was the only one having a c**p 2011 but obviously I'm not in the minority.

      Really sorry to hear about the vandalism Pauline - I have never been able to understand the mentality of people like that.

      I have decided too that things can only get better (fingers and toes crossed here) so let's hope the wish fairy is out there listening to us.
      Laura x

      email:- [email protected]


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        Oh poor you, hopefully things can only get better from here on in. I've sold my first two pieces of jewellery in absolutely ages! Haven't been paid yet I'm delivering them on March 7th.


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          That is totally awful, your kiln and your cars. Makes me mad when people can just do that and get away with it ! I have had 2 cars stolen and set fire to in the past 2 years, different areas too. What made it worse was when the last one got stolen i received a parking ticket fine through the post! I can laugh now but at the time i was enraged. Its just so senseless and the people who do this kind of mindless vandalism just don't care or comprehend the inconvenience, the cost or the impact it can have on you. I really feel for you, but chin up it's only the start of the year and i'm sure due to such a bad start things will get a lot better.

          Big hugs
          Anna x
          Folksy Shop


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            That's awful GlassEye. I'm so sorry your year has got off to such a bad and depressing start.
            Life is full of ups and downs though and when things have turned around (they will) you will not remember how low you are feeling now.
            Remember; there are no problems, only solutions you haven't yet found.
            ~ Rachael
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