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  • Collaboration Question ... Need Advice ...

    Hi Everyone ...

    I have a question ...

    I make and sell my own pieces ...

    BUT I recently came across someone that has artwork I have fallen in love with ... I emailed him and asked if I could have permission to use his artowrk in my designs ... he replied saying his concept and name was patent pending ...? he really likes my work and wanted to know more .. anyway he eventually sent me a file of a piece of his work and I have sent him a sample ... he loves it and has mentioned that we are going to collaborate on his page.

    Question is ... how do I go about this collaboration in reality ... do I pay a licence fee to use his work? do I sell the completed pieces at a wholesale price ... do we split the profit ?

    I am doing the work, possibly the posting and he will be promoting aswell as me ...

    So if we do it that way I am doing 95% of the work.

    No idea how to go about a contract or anything not even sure if I need one ?

    Anyone got any advice or experience ...

    Thank you xxx Jaci xxx!/pages/Got...28851500470172

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    I work with an artist and have permission to turn some of her designs into cross stitch kits and charts. As I am a small business we decided for now to split the profits I make from the kits. I keep a record of any of the items I sell. She has some of the kits to sell and i have some of her cards I can sell.

    Works ok, yeah splitting profits but it means I have more choices available.

    Good luck with your venture!
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      with design and artwork ive heard it is really hard to copyright/patent it because you only have to change it slightly and it becomes another piece of design or artwork Im sure the person putting in for the patent has to cover themselves and would have to show the design in as many forms as possible or affordable i.e. change of colours etc., its easier to commit plagerism (sorry spellings rubbish) in script because it is based on the majority of the content. All this is hearsay but im sure it shouldnt be too hard to find out maybe research plagerism.


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        I've been watching my son arguing/struggling to get his agent to get him good deals for royalties on books using his artwork. So I can confidently report it's like the Wild West out there. Deals range from a one off payment for artwork, and the artist feeling completely ripped off, to the artist being paid for their work and getting a percentage based on sales and spin offs. The percentage has ranged from peanuts to equal shares.
        So it's true wheeling and dealing. If you want to stay friends with the artist just make sure the deal is a fair one and you both happily agree to it but also agree to be free to have different terms for any future deals if you spot flaws with your first one.