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my friends need never forget a birthday card again

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  • my friends need never forget a birthday card again

    I have so many friends who are just a little disorganised when it comes to remembering birthdays etc so thought I'd try and take some of the pressure off .
    I started a birthday / special occasion reminder service, I put all their dates they want to remember in a book under the appropriate month and then contact them about 3 weeks before the card is needed. They give me an idea of a theme they would like and we make up a mock card without sticking anything down and send them a photo, anything they don't like I can then change quickly and easily.
    I then make sure they have their card with plenty of time to spare.
    I have a growing group of friends, family and customers using this service now and everyone says it really helps them.

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    What a fantastic idea, at first when i started to read your thread, I was thinking, There is already something like this but I was thinking of some sort of calender/ organizer website/ program you sign up to. Then load in birthdays anniversaries etc in one go and then it reminds you with a week or so to go. I havent heard of anything like this, that actually will remind you and make the card (and post it?). I'd keep this under your hat everyone might start doing it, No seriously I think you could really market this concept. Think how most people are busy these days trying to run home family job. I dont have a job any more and i still forget to get the card and post it on time if at all. But i tell you what the family and friends who send me cards religiously that drop on the door mat on the right day are the people i envy. If not to be organized but to appear to be organized that would be enough to start with.


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      but where to market it , any ideas ???


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        What a great idea :-D
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          I've been offering that service for a little over a year now and its proved very popular indeed.


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            I've been asked to do something similar but always refused as it's hard enough for me to remember my birthday never mind be reliable for others! lol
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              Originally posted by sunrise View Post
              but where to market it , any ideas ???
              I dont really know but im sure you could get some help from a business enterprise company or just market yourself by putting the word out with your existing clients giving them discounts for getting people they know to sign up with you, start a web site and post it on here anyway its a good way to get people to buy your cards instead of the many other card makers out there