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  • Wish us luck

    Well tomorrow we have a craft fair at West Hallam in Derbyshire.
    and next week we have the duck fest in Loughborough. Anyone else doing this one????
    Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us.
    Not sure if these don't do well if we will do any more. So its make or break time!!!!!!!!

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    Hope all goes well for you. I've got my fingers crossed that the weather stays nice enough to get people to the fair but not to nice to drive them to a beach, or not to wet to keep them at home.

    Best of luck and looking forward to hear how you got on.
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      Originally posted by michelleC View Post
      Not sure if these don't do well if we will do any more. So its make or break time!!!!!!!!
      No ... don't give up. Honestly, some craft fairs are poor, but others can be brilliant. I did one last week on a Wednesday which was fantastic ! As long as you make your table money back consider it a good fair. Think on it as advertising. I've said this before, so I'll say it again, people may not want what you're selling there and then, but if they've got your details they'll come back through your website. I've had lots of orders that have started "I saw you at such and such show" .......
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        It's a bit late, but good luck!

        And congrats JBJB - your stuff is fantastic!! I now need an excuse to purchase!


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          Well we are home early LOl
          Didn't sell a bean!! and no potential customers about so have called it a day early.. We did get asked a lot about our site and handed out quite a few business cards so you never know.
          At least the sun was shinning so I got to top up my tan.


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            Sorry it didn't go well Michelle, but hopefully it may lead to some sales through your website, at least you managed to get your business cards handed out!
            Jo x

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