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have i missed the summer

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  • have i missed the summer

    Have i missed summer. The wind wernt half howling last night. misrable and wet this morning. bought my daughter loads of skirts and t shirts but has not been hot enough to put her in them. all though you do see alot of kids still dressed for summer. (im an old fuddy duddy) and now Boyes are starting to sell christmas decorations. i can handle craft shops selling christmas stock. and now toy adverts are popping up more and more on tv.

    how long till crimbo?

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    4 months til Christmas roughly. Summer what summer, it was the summer that never was in Glasgow anyway. We have blue skys and clouds today but it is freezing - I bought a load of t shirts for the summer and they haven't been on (apart from when I was in Spain). I am not kidding it has been fleecys and cardys all summer up here - our summer was those couple of good weeks we had in April.



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      Its passed us by!!
      Thing is, its a bit close and I think thats even worse than rain!!
      Need a right good thunder storm and blue sky will follow


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        You all need to move to Suffolk, we've had summer for two weeks now.
        The beach is heaving.
        I'm chained to the Batch Freezer.....


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          Same here in Colchester, Essex... although just down the road from Suffolk so its bound to be I guess!! But a really warm lovely day here today and tomorrow is meant to be even hotter!!!
          Jo x

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            Oh crikey, don't tell everyone that, i can't make the ice cream quick enough!!!!!!
            We are hoping to open another Parlour in Colchester before Christmas... look out for us!!


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              Ha - rain up here all weekend when we went camping - had to put the tent up in the pouring rain - nightmare
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                Originally posted by swirlyarts View Post
                Ha - rain up here all weekend when we went camping - had to put the tent up in the pouring rain - nightmare

                Been there and done that several times!!!
                full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                  Well the weather forecast is talking about the hottest day of the year today! Well it isn't hear in Anglesey - it's raining and windy!!!

                  I'm off with the caravan in a couple of days - so be prepared for bad weather lol!


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                    Summer eventually arrived around tea time when its too late to do anything with the kids.

                    not too bad today tho. got appointments and meetings etc etc allday.