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Working habits. What's yours ?

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  • Working habits. What's yours ?

    OK my headphones haven't worked for about 3 months now..

    When I get my head down to do some work, I plug them into ears and laptop...

    What habits have you got that help you work but are well... silly or pointless...

    One advantage is people think I can't hear them so instead of shouting at me over a room people will walk up to me and talk ... (still pointless not have any music LOL )

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    When I work I like to have my music on too. When the sun shines, I like to make my mosaics outside - did this over the weekend and it was lovely to be able to sit in the garden!!!

    Not craft related but when I cycle to and from work my music also keeps me going!!! (especially the fast tracks for those hills!)
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      I am the same too, no matter where I work I have to have music on. The first day I started in the NHS I shot out and bought a radio for the office, I don't know I really just don't seem to be able to work without some backgroung noise (and no not the kids fighting again!!!)



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        Definitely Music.....

        ...I tend to put my stereo on fairly loud. I don't listen to music on my laptop as the speakers are crud...very tinny sounding - drives me nuts - so I have a little Sony midi system that I turn up to not-quite-but-nearly deafening.

        My hearing isn't good, so what with the stereo, I can legitimately claim not to have heard cries for help with the supper, laundry or fighting teenagers, that eminate from downstairs..........

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          I usually sit on an evening with my laptray, and the sofa overtaken with 'stuff'
          The telly is usually on.
          Hubbie listens to reeeeeeally loud music when he's working in the garage/having a shower/any exuse really, i don't know how he stands it, i usually try turning it down when he's not looking.. and he's the one that always wears earplugs if we go to the pub to see a band...


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            I have lots of stuff strewn about the house so that when I get 5 minutes I can quickly do something! I have nearly finished tidying up my craft room (again) so I sat up there last night with Stephen Fry reading the latest Harry Potter, making envelopes, badges oh and a bit of tidying too
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              I practice singing while I am on the computer. I have backing tracks running. If I've nothing to practice, then I will listen to a radio 4 play or pop on a celtic music radio station (via live 365).
              Before I sit at the computer to work, I need to make sure that both the kitchen and the workroom are tidy enough not to embarrass me if a client just turns up!!

              Mr Media.... go and get some new working headphones you are missing out on the wonderful world of music!
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                I usually have the tv running in the background just for the noise though as i cant generally hear it for the sewing machine! One of the main things i have to do though is wait until all the kids are in bed otherwise they want to 'help'! LOL
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