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  • Bag postal packaging

    Im gona make myself a birthday prezzie of a decorated tote bag.
    If I get any nice comments form onlookers i may make/sell them.
    So I was thinking about packaging.I dont really want to fold them as it may leave nasty creases, I was thinking of rolling them and putting them in a cardboard postal tube, cant find anything the right size or a good price.

    To those of you who make sell bags, can I be cheeky and ask how you post them to your customers.

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    I fold them and put them in the plastic poly mail bags.

    I think they're going to get creased no matter how careful you are with them, and you'll just put your postage and packing prices up if you start using tubes.

    If they're made from fabric, people won't mind giving them a quick press the other end.
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      Great info, thanks.
      It took me a while to refer to the packaging I received the bags in as inspiration, they were in a polybag..and theres me thinking of cardboard tubes.

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        Big tubes also weigh a lot
        Go as light as you dare!!