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    Ive made my mum a few necklaces over the last year which she wears quite a bit.

    Last friday mum asked me if I had any business cards, I said no and asked why.

    She said that someone liked a necklace that she was wearing that I had made!
    This is not the first time this has happened.
    So being the cheapskate that I am I made some makeshift business cards with my business email address on it, just incase for the future.

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    Word of mouth. Or sight lol is very powerful.
    Hope somthing comes of it for you. Good luck.


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      I started off with some homemade business cards - you get perforated card from Staples, print on it, job's done.

      Only one problem - my printer doesn't always take the paper in straight.

      For the beadshop I went to Vistaprint and got a shedload done.

      Much easier

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        Hmm, gona look into it.
        Id like to look slightly professional rather than for my mum to hand out rubber stamped name/decor with a hand written email address written on it.

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          .....I was given a handmade business card on Saturday. It was brown kraft card, which has those stripes similar to brown parcel paper, with a rubber-stamped heart on it, and all the crafter's details were printed on in a handwriting font, probably on a home computer.

          It was simple, effective and summed up their folk-art/prim style beautifully. It didn't matter a bit that it hadn't been done at the printers. I suppose that doesn't really work for other crafts though, but for prim stuff it was perfect.

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            Well done!!

            I put a little sticker on the back of any cards that I make with a little heart embellishment and I've had a few ad hoc orders that way too (that's if I don't delete the emails as spam hehehe!!)

            Thinking of going down the vistaprint business card route too - got a flyer for some free ones with my Mr Site order.

            Its always the same tho - never have any and always need them and have them and never use them!!! Or at least that's how the real work (day job) thing is!!


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              Well done
              I used to do my own business cards but now use Vistaprint and they are fab!
              Jo x

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