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What is wrong with people?

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  • What is wrong with people?


    On my website I advertise that if you sign up for our newsletter you could win free products. Why oh why don't I get more people signing up for it????

    This is a complete mystery to me! Last month I also ran another competition that I didn't get many takers on. These are genuine and I do send out free products to whoevers name is 'pulled out of the hat'.

    Has anyone else had this issue?


    Sam x
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    I think people are so fed up of spam that they are reluctant to sign up for things using their email address.
    I ask people to opt out rather than in for my news letters etc. all my clients automatically go on my mailing list.
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      As beadsbydesign said not many people sign up due to trust issues..

      The best way imho would be to contact me or other forums/blogs etc.. I offer these prizes for some free advertising..

      I'm in the process of making some t-shirts for a site to send out to the top bloggers in the same niche in the hope that people will write about the site..

      I get sent freebies and love it.. I write about it about the companies get free advertising...

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        Did somebody mention freebies?


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          I like the idea of opt out rather than opt in - if I ever do a newsletter then that's what I'll do but I suppose you have to have customers for that!! I've just run a competition on my blog and I didn't have many takers either! Ah well - meant there were less people for Anya to pick out of a hat although she did pick out 2 but thats another issue!!
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            I know what you mean - I have exactly the same problem. I do have a fair few people on my list, but they're mainly friends and fellow bloggers or people from forums like these, but I'm not too worried. Whenever I get a sale I automatically add the person to the list (but as I haven't had too many sales, there's not many of those types of people !!)
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              I don't do newsletters as i wouldn't know where to start.

              I did a competition on another forum the other month and the winner won £10 worth of goodies and the cards they all made went to charity. It was great and i had a good response. Didn't generate any sales but thats not what i was after, just wanted to give something to my fellow crafters and have fun doing it.

              I didn't do it on this forum as i didn't think this sort of thing would be allowed, but if it is, i will be in touch Mr M. (might have something worth blogging about
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                Its all very frustrating, my other half has just done a re-load on the website so hopefully that will mean that we get a few more takers from the search engines

                Fingers crossed!

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                  These things take time - you'll have a really fallow period and then all of a sudden it will take off!!

                  If you're getting everything in place now then you're doing all the hard work and it will pay off!

                  Do you sell on any other sites such as ebay? I do and include a little flyer with any sales with my website on where prices are cheaper and postage is too - I've had quite a few people move to ordering from me direct as ebay can be restrictive at times


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                    I have been toying with the idea of having an e-bay shop as well as my website, although alot of my suppliers so not allow you to sell on e-bay. I guess that is the autions though rather than a shop.

                    I will have a look into it and see

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                      I have an Ebay shop and they are not advertised at all on Ebay anymore..the only way that someone can find your shop is by advanced's happened over the last number of months. Shop owners on the Ebay forums have been going mad about it for months. I sell a small amount from my shop but that is only because I have auctions/Buy it now listings up everyday and they sometimes click over to the shop. If you don't keep on top of it you wont get anyone looking at your Ebay shop. Like sugarandspicecrafts I include a flyer in all my sales with details of my website. I have CDs available on my website that are not on Ebay and that is proving great as I am getting sales from happy Ebay customers on my website. I have to admit most of my sales come from my website as it's been going for over a year now and I get good placement in search engines and spend a fortune advertising in craft mags etc! But as has already been said if you have put in the work it will pay off in the long run you just have to keep on top of it and try not to give up! I know, I have been there too and it can be really hard when nothing seems to be happening at the beginning. Good luck.
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