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giving up - what to do with my stuff?

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  • giving up - what to do with my stuff?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm giving up crafting due to ill health and various other reasons. The trouble is, I have quite a lot of various bits and pieces, from card making, candle stuff, dried flowers, beads - and I don't know the best way of selling it off. What do you folks do with your excess stuff?
    I know ebay is the obvious answer but its swamped with professional sellers and it's a real hit and miss if anything sells. I could end up losing money what with the fees.
    I don't want to make a fortune but also don't want to be giving it away!

    So, has anyone any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I've seen some people on facebook create a photo album online with pics of things they wish to sell and once someone buys it they mark sold underneath or remove the pic.

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      Or ask for PM's from those interested, and email them a list with what you have & how much. You can't sell here, but that's allowed, I do believe...

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        Open up a destash store on Folksy.

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          Thanks - good ideas. I've already got a folksy shop so may go with that. Never thought about that!
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            Whatever option you decide to go for don't forget to put a post on here, I'm sure there will be plenty of people interested in seeing what you have...and of course we'd all like to help you out by taking something off of your hands


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              Sorry youve had to "give up" crafting.

              I agree with above definatly let us know on here we an all help take something of your hands im sure!
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                Unfortunately the craft forum rules means Juneno won't be allowed to post links to her items for sale or to 'announce' where they are, however I'm sure she wouldn't mind anyone interested sending her PM's so she can then send them the info to them via PM once she has listed them.
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                  Hi, just an idea, anything you don't sell maybe give to a local charity, my son has down syndrome and any spear bits n bobs I give to his class at special school or to one of the groups he goes to, although he's only 5 he loves it, there are loads of places out there who don't get much funding so I'm sure they would love whatever you can't sell on

                  I'm sorry you have had to give up, best wishes xx


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                    I was pretty sure I couldn't sell on here or even announce a 'sale' on another site so that's ok. I was just interested to know how others dispose of excess stuff oter than ebay. Thanks everyone and yes, pm if you want :-)
                    And what a good idea about giving the excess stuff to a charity. It's reminded me that we have just such a thing locally for adults with learning difficulties, so I'll give what's left to them.
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                      Yr very welcome