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Just had an idea to do a Scrapbook but where do I start!??

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  • Just had an idea to do a Scrapbook but where do I start!??

    Ive been looking for ideas for my Mums forthcoming 80th Birthday at the end of December and I suddenly thought to myself, "how about putting a scrapbook together"! Ive seen a few on-line in the past and thought was a wonderful idea this is but Ive never attempted one of these but Ive always been fascinated by them.

    Ive literally just thought of this and what a wonderful project it would be to do. My Mum is a twin and my Uncle lives in New Zealand and so Im now inspired to put a similar one together for my Uncle!

    I can see this project taking me a little while to do so I was just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding scrapbooking.

    What type of books do you originally use, are these just scrapbooks or do you compile these yourself by using card and a file etc?

    Im going to order a scrapbooking book for ideas and to get myself familiar with papers, embellishments, designs etc but I would love to hear from anyone who is willing to advise a complete beginner like myself.

    Ooooh I cant wait to get started now!

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    There's loads of bits out there but the albums can be expensive.
    I've done a couple using plain ring binders which I decorated with lovely handmade paper.
    I then put the photos and embellishments on backing pages of patterned paper, which I put into polypockets. You do need to cover your photos with some kind of transulcent protective paper if you're not using poly pockets - I didn't cover them with the last album I made and a couple of the photos stuck together!

    The advantage with using normal ring binders and poly pockets is that it is SO easy to add extra pages later.
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