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  • Christening Card Question

    Hello All,

    Feel a bit silly asking this, and not sure if I have posted it in the right place.

    Anyway, I have been invited to the christening of my friends son in a couple of weeks times. I have never been to a christening before and wanted to know if you address the message inside a christening card as congratulatons to the parents on their sons christening or is the card made out to the child as a congratulations to them?

    I am sure you lovely lot can help me out,

    Trudy xx

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    I always understood that the card was written to the child as the cards are usually kept and given to the child once they are old enough to understand.


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      I agree with prem2pram. Normally it's to (child) On your Special day, or On Your Christening Day etc. Not to the Parents.


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        Thank you both. I am going to be making a keepsake one myself so wanted to get it right.


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          It depends what the front of the card says 'On your Christening Day' then its to the baby or 'On your Son/Daughters Christening Day' then its the parents.


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            Great advice, thanks all - something I was unsure of too.

            All the best


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              Hi Trudy, it made me laugh when i read your question because its exactly what i asked a couple of weeks ago, it was my Nephews and i'd never bought a card let alone been to a christening in my life! LOL

              Anyway here's what i came up with...

              Mandy x


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                I think I had a mixture of them all when I had my daughter baptised. I think before I have sent them to the parents. I guess if it was an older child I'd send to the child.
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                  Well Mandy66 you know what they say - great minds think alike, lol x

                  Just looked at the christening card on the link you attached - it is gorgeous.


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                    I think it really depends on what card you get as mentioned above, Usually i would go for a card that said "On Your Christening Day" or something along them lines and then address it to the child, but in the past i have brought "On your childs christening day" and address to parents so it could go either way.
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                      i also agree with prem2pram
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