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need some help with a head!....

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  • need some help with a head!....

    I have just purchased a lovely elfin like polystyrene female head. I know, woohoo all my birthdays at once! BUT how do I decorate it? Obviously a wig, well two one in blonde and one in brown but what can I do with the face?

    I would really like a cute fairy face but don't know whether I can just paint on or use make up. What kind of paint would work on polystyrene?

    Thinking of getting some false eyelashes as well as the wigs.

    Any help rendered would be most helpful!

    Mandy x

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    Hmm, would it need some kind of base coat?
    Id be worried about whatevr I used on it waring the polystyrene away.

    CAn you decorate a mask then loosley attch that around the face so you dont actually do anything to the head itself.

    Just waffly ideas.

    I went looking in Hobbycraft for a head the other day, £16 for a poly head with its nose chopped oof and some kid had drawn on it.I ended up with a halloween brown card skull in the end, Im going to drape chiffon over it to photograph my tiaras on(weh I get round to making them)

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      I got mine on Ebay for £1.50 - Ashman Products are selling some off real cheap - slightly used with a couple of dents that will be hidden under the wig, so absolute bargain, go have a look!

      I thought of a mask too, but I don't want it to distract from the tiara?...


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        I don't think I would do anything with the face. Put on the wig and your tiara and maybe add a choker or some sort of neck embellishment. Keep it simple and stylish, JMHO, Selina


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          I think there's something vaguely creey about display heads and mannequins for some reason - really can't explain it!

          So, my inclination would be to find out if it's paintable, then paint it in a colour that in no way resembles skin colour! I think they look awful when you seem them trying to look "real"!

          One of my new things when I go handmade full-time is going to be learning to do tiaras etc. Hadn't got as far as thinking about displaying them yet, though, so this is making me think a little! Haha

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            I know what you mean about creepy, I think so too! But it's really hard to photograph a tiara on a flat surface and people want to see what it looks like on i.e. with hair around it. I have a couple of models for a photoshoot I'm planning, to get some real pictures but thought I'd have a go with this and see what happens.

            Well, after much trawling on the net I decided to just have a go, let's face it it didn't cost much to begin with so if I bin it then I'm not bothered. I have put a layer of make-up foundation on it and left it to dry. I probably need another couple of layers and then she should look okay. I have some funky purple and teal eyeshadow and some liner to make some swirls and flowers around her eyes and just making some ears out of fimo and will try to glue them on. If this doesn't work I'll spray paint the whole thing purple and if I don't like that she'll go in the bin!

            I'll post some pics when she's done but need to find a wig? Can't believe how expensive they can be! Thought I could try to make some dreads with wool? Anyone know how to do this?