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  • Help with a new name....


    as some of you may have seen, I've had a bit of
    trouble with the name I've chosen as suggested by someone on here! (can't remmber who you were sorry) the name I choose was "Crafted Elegance Stationery" however Someone is already trading under Crafted Elegance and they also make stationery and although ate names ate slightly different I think it would be easier to change now rather than when I'm up and running and established! So I need new suggestions I still love the Elegance bit and even thou I will be doing cards and hopefully wedding stationery I don't want to focus on the word cards as it will leave me a little limited so think it's best to keep with stationery. So has anyone got any suggestions I know you are a very crafty bunch so hoping you all can help me.

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    Really, your business name ought to be something personal to you - how you feel or picture your own craft being (really it's your baby!) - but sometimes it's easy to get a little 'block'

    Here's a few ideas I found, typed into Google and couldn't see anyone else with them...

    Recherche Crafts (has an accent above the last 'e' - French for 'elegant')
    Chic Classique (it rhymes lol!)
    For Love, (as you do things for weddings)

    It could sound really professional if you just call it 'Nikki's' or 'By Nikki' - sounds kind of upmarket :P

    That's probably no help at all, but hopefully something's kicked something off in your brain lol... Just don't stress over it too much - meditate with a hot bath and a little bubbly and it may even come to you in a dream
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      Originally posted by MorgannaCraft View Post

      Recherche Crafts (has an accent above the last 'e' - French for 'elegant')
      I could be very wrong, my A levels were a long time ago, but surely the translation of that would be sought after crafts? French for elegant is élégant isn't it?!

      Anyway, that was beside the point, lol. Do you want to limit yourself to just wedding stationary? If not, maybe go for something that implies elegance, but isn't limited to weddings like Timeless Stationery, Classic Cards etc. Personally I don't particularly like the use of the word stationery- it reminds me of Rymans or Staples! I'd be inclined to go for something more abstract, although I know a lot of people on here will say to make it obvious what your business is from the name. For example, I think 'Elegance' sounds much punchier and more classy than 'Crafted Elegance Stationery'. It also gives you the opportunity to branch out at a later date.

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        Thank you for your responces. its just so hard after setting my heart on my old name to find anything that compares to it i want something that is catchy and elegant withou being tacky. I like the suggestions that have been given but just dosnt click. I would like to trade under the name of Nikita-Marie as i will be getting married soon and i think Nikita-Marie (My name)sounds quite homley just the impression i want to give...its just what comes before it that is the problem!

        Nikita-Maries Hand-Made Cards and Stationery!/...48997155136152


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          Elegance in an envelope!


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            You could chop the problem in use Elegance as your trade name but have something along the lines of elegance stationary in your website address.
            I'm not saying use those exact words but nick (ho ho) the principle. Web addresses are getting so messy these days and typing them in is not how people are finding websites any more.