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Embroidery panels - help needed

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  • Embroidery panels - help needed

    Dear Members,
    Hi to all; I've just joined this forum because I need some help.
    I have just purchased two items on eBay that were advertised as cross stitch/embroidery patterns. They looked like paper patterns but, now that they have arrived, I discover that they are, in fact, lace/net panels (very much like net curtains) with a design in relief embroidery on them. One panel features an image of the Battle of Britain 1940 with a Spitfire and other aircraft over the River Thames, with Tower Bridge in the background. The other panel is the RAF crest. (see pics below)
    I would like to embroider the Battle of Britain panel as a gift for my husband but have never worked with anything like this before.
    My questions are; 1. can I indeed embroider these panels?, 2. has anyone out there seen or used anything like this and can give me some tips?
    Yours hopefully,
    raf crest.jpgbattle of britain.jpg

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    I suppose you could embroider over them, I wouldn't I don't think they are lovely already. I don't know very much about embroidery though so hopefully you'll get some more informed replies from the embroiderers.


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      I suppose it can be done. You would have to use max 2 strands of thread and a hoop or frame. You would have to plan it carefully too to enable you to always see all the detail before sewing. I would love to see it when its done.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        I think I'd probably use a stabiliser fabric probably an iron on one behind it too they look quite flimsy. If it's like net curtain buy a piece of net curtain fabric that's similar and try embroidering on it first to get used to it. That way you won't pull too tight etc. and get holes in it. That's what I'd do.

        They'll look fab if you get it done.
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