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  • Meeting other crafters do you do this, (if at all?)

    I've not been to a craft fair all year.... so maybe thats where i'm going wrong

    But yes I used to just approach people who's work I liked and start up a conversation and swap cards...

    But is there anything more??? Are their clubs and things and if so how can I find them?

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    HI Spoons. think it would be best if you went to fairs, all you need to do is start a thread saying where you will be and ask if anyone else is going. simples
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      You could start your own Craft Circle. I don't know where you hail from but lots of towns/cities/rural communities have one running. I found ours in the Church Magazine. There are prob. members on here who live close to you too. It certainly helps if other members have a rough idea where you are from, even if it is just the County then someone will always come forward to say they come from the same part of the world.
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        The woodworking forum I belong to has bashes. A group of us meet up for the day at someone's house / workshop, swapping ideas, passing on tips and generally having a good time. We try and pick a central location where there is room to set up equipment and get enough people in. Good fun and you can learn a lot.

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