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  • How did you get started???

    Hello everyone,

    Right ok, I need some advise from you lovely lot. A few months back I started making stationery for my wedding and realised that I really enjoyed it, a few friends commented me on it and said they were good enough to sell, I've also always made cards here and there. Being a full time mum currently I decided that I might as well give it a go!I've made some demos birthday, chritmas etc and now it's come to the time of wanting to sell them! So basically I just wanted some advise really on getting this bit up and running and launched! I have found a website and I think a name but I'm not to
    sure if I wanna start this yet? But what happens with regards to tax man etc? I want to do things properly but at what stage does this need to happen? If anyone can give me any advise on how they got there business going and what the rules and regs are it would be much help?
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    Most important thing for the tax man is that you keep the receipts to everything you buy that has anything to do with your craft - from supplies, to how much it cost in petrol in order to get said-supplies! Chances are, unless you sell LOADS and I mean LOADS! you're unlikely to earn enough to pay taxes through a hobby... It all depends on how big your business gets, but it's never to early to plan ahead - so keep all evidence of what you spend!

    You can get a load of free websites, I'm using Google Sites at the mo, but more user-friendly ones are through webs and weebly and things - plus they're free (with Google Sites you get a free domain name!). Things like Facebook pages are good for getting feedback and even a little publicity - plus you can have stores on sites like Etsy and Folksy (sort of like eBay for crafters lol!).

    Don't be afraid to start! I'm only just starting out, and it's a long laborious process, but the few sales I've made so far have meant a lot Commissions are always a good thing to offer, obviously in your case lol! Business cards are also a great way to get started on that because you can hand them around everywhere - and every sale you make, always include a biz card in it so they can recommend you to someone else

    I hope that was some help lol... Good luck starting out, and have fun!!
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      Thank you so much for you post it was very helpful! I have a few reciepts but not all bit will keep all from now on! So should I contact the tax man now? I haven't actually recieved my first order but planning on getting business cards sorted tonight and also a lot of friends are interested so once I go live I'm sure I will hve a couple
      of orders but I'm unaware of at what point the tax man woul be interested! Am I ok
      to accept payments by cash,cheque and also paypal would this be ok with tax office? I will definatly look in to the websites you advised I've food a domain name via would it be easier doing it the way you suggested?? The website aide of things is very sketchy as I have no idea how to set one up etc! I'm also worried about the name I've choosen am I at risk from someone taking it??
      Sorry for all questions!
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        Hi Nikki,

        Contacting HMRC is next on my list! You have to register within your first 3 months of trading, so I've kept everything from September 1st. I have a really simple to use book from WHSmiths called 'The best small business accounts book', which tells you exactly what to write in and what to keep and how.

        I have also got my first four craft fairs booked between now and Christmas to give myself a kick-start- I *have* to have stock ready now! You'll need crafters insurance too. also on my list!!

        I grabbed my domain name when I found it was available because it was so perfect. In retrospect, I would have grabbed it and held onto it to do something with myself at a later date, but I have a friend who is (very slowly) doing it for me.
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