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    I am looking at display boards for a presentation of my work in October. I make mostly wooden items.

    I have been looking at these boards and they are very expensive. Has anybody made there own say out of cardboard or wood.

    Any ideas please.

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    Don't know if it'd work with wooden items but I've made my own display board for cards by putting 3 corkboards together with hinges so it stands in a kind of concentina way.
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      Originally posted by nattynetty View Post
      Don't know if it'd work with wooden items but I've made my own display board for cards by putting 3 corkboards together with hinges so it stands in a kind of concentina way.

      I did the same as Netty, and then put wadding over them and a felt topping so that there was something to "pin" to and make it look plush

      Hope this helps

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        I pyrograph wooden everything, from pendants to clocks and candle holders, so me and my dad made me two easle-type-things to pin things to - which me and my mum then covered in jablite (thick polystyrene like from a thick box) and covered in velvet. Also made a step-pyramid-type system so have a 3D aspect to the display! I was worried that because all my wooden items are flat it would be boring, so making them all on different levels is a little more eye-catching... in theory lol...#

        Hope my rambling jumble of words was some help lol! xx
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          I bought a cork board and covered the edges with pictures, then leant it on a table top easel for display.

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            Thanks for the reply guys. Some good ideas. I like the idea of the cork board with some type of fabric over it.

            I was looking at using 12mm MDF but its the weight of it which has put me off. I did manage to purchase Plate stands today out of the pound shop. Great bargain to display my examples.

            Thanks guys.


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              Think it will depend on the weight of your work? plate stands makes me think your work is large? Cork boards covered with padding and a cover material work well for smaller items, you can add a base support similar to a stand up photo frame. I'm very curious now! any chance you can upload some pics?!

              Anna x
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                Whatever you choose (I've done the cork board trick, I've also done boxes where you can jam the lid open, mug trees, dunno what these were supposed to be but think of wooden boxes without tops and bottoms and they nest. I do all sorts with those including pyramids)...back to the point ......make sure they are light to carry (but solid enough not to get knocked over) and pack flat (or with my lidded boxes, double up as containers.)
                A friend has hinged, and another has slot together, step like shelves which I'm envying, at the moment but I'm getting by with stacking my emptied boxes, like steps, (highlight of refinement, slinging a piece of wood across them) and covering the lot with cloth.

                If this sounds a bit motley I have to say I pick a colour for each of my personas/stalls and colour the display whatevers to match.
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