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    I have been asked about drop shipping, what is it, how do you work out costs? Any information would be greatly received!

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    Dropshipping (sometimes called Direct Order Disptch) is a form of stock holding, or not as the case may be.

    What happens is that the customer "them" lists your products on thier website or ebay, then when they get a sale they place an order through your site and you send the product direct to thier customer.

    Things needed...

    1) None of your contact details on the packaging/products
    2) Stock updates via email would be best
    3) products discounted by around 20% (dropship products cost more than wholesale)

    It doesn't make sense for most small business due to the lack of profit and extra work involved. Also as for returns as your dealing Business to Business you don'y have to accept returns unless items are faulty.

    if you have any other questions then feel free to ask as this is kind of my area.


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      Hello, I dropship 31 seller's products on my site Crafty Magpie, at the time of replying to this..I charge a 25% commission per sale not including postage. I create a mini shop and profile for each seller, do all the advertising my commission is quite fair. The part of the seller which would be you would be to look out for emails from me notifying you of orders...and I pay my sellers for their orders before they have to post their items out...not all business' do this.