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Is your Craft Area ever tidy?

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  • Is your Craft Area ever tidy?

    Hia Folks, I'm new to this site and havent found my way around yet. This topic has no doubt been touched upon, and if it has, I am sure I will find some answers.

    We have a smallish conservatory and I have a corner where I keep all my craft things, which includes a plastic "chest" of drawers and also a wicker "chest" of drawers. Not to mention loads of mini boxes, containers, mini plastic drawers etc. I do my work on one of those TV dinner tables. So not much space, but it seems to work. But I can't seem to get organised with everything, it's forever untidy

    Where do you do your crafts?
    Alison from Wombourne

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    I try to keep my work area tidy but if you are a woodworker its not easy even with 750 square feet of space. We tend to accumulate boxes of odd bits of woods and corners can get cluttered up with more usefull bits. And you can have several jobs on the go using lots of different tools and you have to discipline yourself and have a big clear up every now and then.


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      we're lucky enough to have a craft room- was a redundant toy room lol
      and no its never tidy x


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        My whole house is creative mess!
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          I have two rooms, have tidied up recently but my answer to DH when he claims he cannot see the floors of the rooms is 'out of chaos comes creativity' his reply 'Lord help us if that is the state of your mind'


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            Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
            My whole house is creative mess!
            Ditto the above, though our bedroom has been taken over recently with a desk covered in many projects that i have started and then got distracted with another !

            Last weekend though I managed to get a few of them finished which was an achievement !

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              Tidy. But not so clean and orderly that my creativity is stifled.
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                But I know where everything is! Lol!
                x Maria



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                  I do my crafts in front of the TV and when I'm in the throes of it it is quite untidy. I consider my house as "organised chaos" or "homely". Not sure of the meaning of tidy
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                    I do my crafting at the kitchen table - the only room with a decent light to see the proper colours of the beads. It is chaos while I'm working but then it all has to get packed away each time when I've finished. My stash then gets put in various bags and boxes which end up scattered around the house. I tried to keep them all in the spare bedroom but then I had to run up and down stairs every 5 mins to gets different bits I needed.


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                      I have banned OH from my shed. And the reason is.....

                      If I am cooking or baking he walks round the kitchen behind me and if I put a spoon down it has disappeared into the dishwasher so that when I put my hand out for it again there is nothing there. You can't begin to know how annoying this can be. No matter where in the house you are you dare not let go of anything or its gone, filed, thrown away, recycled. I have told him I will do a murder if he goes anyway near my shed.
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                        This is after a tidy up in my 'workspace'

                        I have to be careful or I get intruders

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                          I like this thread

                          Well ok I have...

                          My studio (for my real job) in an upstairs room, it has a drawing board (piled with rubbish) a bench (littered with who knows what) and a kitchen unit piled with old work (By profession im a theatre designer so thats where I keep all my old theatre designmodel boxes!

                          Then I have a shed (old brick pig sty) that has all my wordworking stuff in it... oh and our bikes and the lawnmower and the garden furniture

                          So I usually end up on the garden table (in good weather) or the kitchen table - girlfriend really loves that!!


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                            I work at the dining room table which is a bit of a pain because then I have to put everything away afterwards. I am so jealous of you guys that have a spare room or a dedicated crafting space - it must be heaven!


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                              Originally posted by krielj View Post
                              I work at the dining room table which is a bit of a pain because then I have to put everything away afterwards. I am so jealous of you guys that have a spare room or a dedicated crafting space - it must be heaven!
                              You would think so wouldn't you... but the truth for me at least is that Its always clutttered and I end up on the dining room table anyway