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    Hello Everyone,

    Im trying to start up my own handmade business, but im looking for a new tool to help me out, currently i am using a butter knife and a ruler to score the center of my cards and i just wondered if anyone can recommend a jazzy tool that can speed up and help me a bit more??

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    I buy mine! They,re about 8p each incl envelopes so hardly worth making once you factor in the time.
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      Have to confess I buy mine pre-scored too, far too lazy to be scoring them myself when the time can be better spent on the fun bit of decorating the front. However the tool you're looking for is called a bone folder I believe and tend to cost about £3.

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        I have to score my own as i can’t buy them the way I like/need pre-scored which is a shame!

        I use a bone folder which does pretty much the same job as a butter knife to be honest. I also have a paper trimmer with a scoring blade on which i have had for years, I can’t remember the name of it but i know Fiskars do one too. To be honest though it really doesn’t save any time and more often than not i get my bone folder and ruler out anyway as I find it easier.



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          I have some pre-scored and when i fold my own I use a bone folder and a scoring board (the Crafters Companion board, but didn't like the purple scorer that came with it, too sharp imo) This board has grooves, premeasured to make lots of different type of card, gatefold, concertina, half fold A5, A4 and has a booklet to make other shapes too. On the back are the box base & lid scoring grooves, so you can make your own presentation boxes and decorate them as you like
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            I'm not aware of any whizz bang piece of kit that takes the work out of scoring....but if you find one please do come back and let us know... I use a bone tool and simple wooden scoring board most of the time, although I do have a crafters companion board it takes up a fair bit of worktop space and so I tend to use it for fancier folds or boxes.
            I also have a cathedral cutting tool which comes with scoring and perforating blades as well as stright and wavy cutting blades as standard.
            I have a couple of dies that cut out and score/crease for specific shapes but really nothing beats the simplicity of a bone folder

            Happy hunting


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              I usually buy pre scored. Other wise I have a bone folder and a score board....not sure of the make. There are quite a few out there


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                I use a bone folder - cost about £2 from Lakeland when they still did all the craft stuff!