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*Sob* I want a craft room!

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    (Sometimes I end up sharing it.)

    This is where I do mine. There is also piles and piles of wood around the side and scattered in heaps throughout the garden. SWMBO has the spare room which also has boxes of stuff I have made as well as packaging and rejects. When we have visitors we have to clear it all up into heaps on one side to get the bed settee down. Usually there are also things that I have made on all the bookshelves seasoning and some on the dining table waiting to be parceled up. Sue has all her pyro stuff by the side of the settee and over the coffee table as well. It's also not unknown to find a piece of wood in the microwave where I am fast seasoning something and forgot it. LOL

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      Looks like you are never short of the odd egg for Breckies then Pete. I do understand about it spreading over the house, I drive my OH bonkers as unfortunately he is disgustingly tidy by nature.
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        Im lucky now I still live at home and my sister has moved out to univeristy so Ive adopted her bedroom - I have to share it with her bed, all the household laundry and a couple of fish tanks (my mums obsession) but theres a beautiful big desk in there and its just perfect. I still have to tidy my stuff away but I can be a lot more organized and Ive done more jewellery recently as a result as I can sit in there nice and quiet and dont have to worry about people disturbing me. Oh for the day when I have my own place with a spare bedroom that I can leave everything out and shut the door on ready for next time. Those will be the days when Im self emplyed and I become a little jewellery hermit!