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  • Fimo

    So i have just bought some and i have never used it befor and not sure what to do with it lol!!
    Anyone used it before?? Is it any good??

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    Is it any good? Lol - only about one of the best things on the planet!

    Ok, I am biased because I love polymer clay.

    The good thing is, there are loads of free tutorials out on the web for using polymer clay. Check out the tutorials page on my site for some:

    You can also find loads of great books on using polymer clay, there is also an American published magazine dedicated to polymer clay arts -(I carry it in my online store although you can also subscribe direct with the publishers)

    We also have a great Polymer Clay section here on the forum too, for chatting about Fimo and other brands of polymer clay don't forget.
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      Thanks thats ace!!
      I was thinking of making earings but wasnt sure how heavy it was!!


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        Generally speaking, polymer clay is really lightweight compared to, say, glass or ceramic.

        So it is wonderful for earrings.

        If you are making flatter, pendant type drops for earrings, just be sure that the polymer clay is at least 2-3 mm thick. You can bake it flat, in place on a ceramic tile.

        Round beads can be made solid, or if weight is an issue, cover a ball of scrunched up aluminium foil with the clay.

        Don't use the polymer clay to create hanging loops - it isn't strong enough. Instead, embed a wire loop such as eye-pin into the clay and after baking, take it out and glue it back into place firmly with some superglue or 2 party epoxy glue.

        I have an earring project on my tutorials page that might give you some further ideas too.
        Emma - unique art beads & more - beads, polymer clay, glitters and inks oh my - Like me at Facebook!


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          Yeh i saw the earing tutorial they look so easy to make althought i know that may not be the case lol!! Have yoy ever used them as cake/care decorations??


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            Fimo is amazing!

            Usually i use it for maknig mini keyrings as its perfect to loop a little chain around it and carry on my keys... great talking point too.
            I have made little beads with the different colours and threaded them on coloured string and made it into a keyring.
            And making name plaques its great too because you can create your own style of writing.

            Obviously you can use it for other things such as making little animals , bookmark toppers , broaches earrings and that too.
            Its a general all rounder and so much fun! x




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              Take a look here. Lots and lots all about Polymer Clay.

              Folksy shop


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                Awesome i cant wait to get stuck in now