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  • Facebook page or blog?

    Everyone keeps telling me I should have a Facebook (fan???) page or a blog - what are the benefits for a computer illiterate like me? I am too old and stupid to get my head round this stuff or should I be twittering away - haven't got a clue!!
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    I guess it's all about marketing yourself!! People pay good money to advertise online,in mags,radio,tv etc. Facebook,twitter and/or a blog basically is a way of advertising for free and reaching your potential customers. A blog you could could use almost as/like an online diary and just 'natter' away,keepinbg people up-to-date with what your doing new products even add pictures. The benefits of a facebook page to name a few would be so your friends can see your work,their friends,friends so on you could add a shop facility to your page allowing people to make purchases directly from there and contact you for orders...
    And as for Twitter I describe it as just that you twitter away about whatever your up-you could keep it business related or add the personal comment to it too.

    Hope that is of some help,it may sound a bit of a ramble but it's getting close to my bed time

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      By the way,just had a nosey at your site. Your soaps are absolutely gorgeous xx
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        I already have a facebook fan page ( please do come and "like" me lol).

        I have been wondering lately about starting a blog too though? If so, where is the best place to blog these days?

        I do sort of blog a bit on my website, but that is usually quite business-related just when new beads are listed, new products in the shop etc. It might be nice to do something abit more personal with a bit more dialogue back and forth.

        The facebook page is wonderful though - it allows you to post piccies and keep in touch with customers. Mine is set so that my posts automatically go on to my Twitter also. Although I don't mind admitting I really don't understand too much about it all.

        Definitely worth trying out though - I think you can get books on Social Networking from the library that explain most of the ins and outs of it if you are a little unsure where to start. Although I am sure everyone here will help out if you get stuck too of course.
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          I have both and they are networked, so post to the blog and add to FB page and twitter best of all worlds then.


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            Which of the many blog providers let you do that Carole ? would be interested in setting up something similar myself your website is looking good as well by the way and have just liked you as well on facebook

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              I have a facebook page for the business and find that it does generate traffic to my online shop so definitely beneficial and best of all free! Not sure about blogging, they say its important that you update a blog regularly and have something interesting to say and sadly i'm often too pre-occupied with updating my main site, sorting out workshops or other things to commit time to it, would say that if you are short on time and/or internet savvy then facebook would be the place to start - apparently its what all the cool kids are doing


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                I suspect that facebook is set to implode - I know it feels great collecting people who like the business page but the more friends each user has, the more messages hit them when they log on, resulting in msgs being lost unless they happen to be online when you post. My own thoughts are the top method is to get your mailing list populated - keep collecting contact details and send newsletters direct to their mailbox
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                  If you're trying to choose _between_ a page on FB and a Blog within your own site, go with the latter - it'll allow you create fresh, new content on a regular basis - which can help an audience to find and interact with you (at least, thats the theory on paper!).

                  FB should only really be used (IMO) for connecting with people and advertising content which exists elsewhere - too many people put a lot of time into generating stuff on Facebook while ultimately the powers that be can take away from you without even giving notice - and which benefits them more than you most of the time!

                  It can be a powerful advertising platform for businesses, but also as others (Kiamkya!) have pointed out, people do tend to get spammed a fair bit too - which may cause things to go bang at some stage.

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