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what's your favorite website to buy jewelry?

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  • what's your favorite website to buy jewelry?

    I want to plan to open a semi-precious stone of jewelry store.
    Now I want to make a survey .
    what's your favorite website to buy jewelry?
    Do you like semi-precious stone jewelry?
    Which stone do you like most?

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    Probably totally unhelpful... but I'm not sure I've bought jewellery online... Oh, I've WANTED to lol! Especially if the website is as pretty as the jewellery - and semi-precious stone/gem jewellery is my favourite kind of shiny!

    Amethyst has to be a favourite (I swear not just because it's purple...), but also adore sodalite, flourite, rose quartz (for it's properties more than it's colour... I hate pink), onyx, and I've also been fairly partial to amber as the 'faults' in it tend to be more interesting.

    Hope that was any kind of help lol! Much luck with the store!
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      I have a great interest in semi-precious jewelry, and amethyst is my fav. I always go shopping on ----- they have lots of stone jewelrys which is very convenience for me!

      Moderator edit: Please read the 25 post rule - you cannot post url's until you have made 25 posts. Also, I looked at that url - tons of really cheapie jewelry....IMHO.

      Have you introduced yourself to our forum in the Introduce Yourself section and told us about what you make?
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        ??? you wanna sell stone beads or stone jewelry? I have heard that "90% beads in jewelry market are from China or Indian" I don't know whether it is true. as for stone jewelry, I like natural quartz jewelry


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          There are too many semi precious stones that I adore. I incorporate rose quartz, tiger's eye, rhyolite, jasper, lots of different agates, pressed coral and amethysts in my wire wrapped designs. I don't buy online. I just wear my own makes!


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            My favourite website to buy jewellery is


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              I have heard it's the best!