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Help with Sewing Faux Leather!!!

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  • Help with Sewing Faux Leather!!!

    I am trying to sew my own faux leather/vinyl handles and it's just not working! I have an industrial sewing machine so it should go through the material fine, but the bit under the foot, the zigzag grip plate (I think its called the feed dog??) keeps ruining the fabric because it is zig zagged. I tried removing it but then the machine wouldn't sew or move the fabric through. Can anyone help??

    Sewing on the wrong side of the fabric is fine, but then the leather is too stiff for me to turn the handle through. So I need to sew on the leathery side, which is when it starts to fail and get ruined.

    I was going to get industrial leather sewing machine needles, will that make a difference?

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    If you remove the feed dog, you have to feed the fabric through manually and that's quite difficult if you're trying to sew straight lines (works great for free machine embroidery!).

    Have you tried overlaying with tissue paper? Or maybe a thin interfacing you can rip away afterwards?

    I've a feeling you may have to do a lot of experimenting with this one! Good luck!
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      I'm looking into machines at the moment. The ones for leather seem to have a walking foot, not sure if that's what makes the difference??

      Just came across this
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        Wendy, I love you lol.

        After many, many gruelling hours of the feed dog ruining my fabric and the fabric not moving, a bit of tissue paper on top of the leather worked a breeze! I cannot believe how such a little thing helped! Thank you, it will save me hours of frustration!

        I think I'll write about this in my blog, as I found very little on the internet to help me. Thanks again you two xx


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          The other thing you can use is scotch tape, you know the matt stuff. I stick it on the underside of the foot (you need to replace it every few seams) and I stick it both sides of the seam - top and bottom not either side. It is less fiddly when sewing and easier to see where you are going but you have to spend a little time removing it afterwards - sometimes with tweezers which can be a ballache. I have found with my machine that some vinyls go through like a dream without all this faffing but others really need it.

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            What a great idea! This has helped me too guys thanks xx
            Dee x
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              What a great thread (pardon pun) I got stuck on the same thing yesterday and gave up. Thank you from me too.

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