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Ordering Beads from China

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  • Ordering Beads from China

    Hey there

    I am wanting to buy a bulk order from overseas to really stock up on all my beads and findings but I am struggling to choose which wholesalers to buy from. Can alyone shed any light on which sites are reliable and also how the postage and customs works. Do I pay postage and then a separate customs bill? Also how do I pay the customs?

    Thank you so much for your help in advance. I am not very clued up on this area xx
    Berni M
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    Hi there,

    Many of the wholesalers in China will need you to be a limited company before you can order and even if they don't require you to be a limited company, there will be a minimum which they will require you to spend, such as £250.00 (I think is the lowest I saw). Others will require you to buy in bulk, for instance 50 strands of 30 beads. You will then have to pay VAT and the cost of postage from China, not to metion if you get caught for any additional import charges.

    Are you a limited company? If you are then I would check out Burhouse Beads, because they are based in Yorkshire, sell to the trade and offer free postage for over £250.00 of goods.

    Any smaller amount than that and I would say you are better with sticking with a UK supplier who will most likely do you deal on postage if you order enough.

    Hope that helps


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      Something you need to be careful about is buying findings from China. They would need to comply with our EEC low nickel regulations.
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