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  • Car boot madness

    Got some brilliant buys today at a local car boot - some absolute bargains on material. This is the first time i have needed material for my crafts. I had looked in charity shops but found it all quite expensive so someone suggested a car boot. Wasnt convinced i would have much luck and envisaged just buying dodgy pairs of curtains. Instead I got some lovely lengths of beautiful fabric for just £1 and 50p each. Im over the moon with them, and almost makes up for the traffic problems getting out - 1 hour stuck in the car trying to get out of a field in the worlds bigeest queue!!!! Oh well you have to take the highs with the lows. Hope everyone else has had a good day x

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    Glad to hear of your car boot success... I've not been to a car boot sale in years but know of many people who have loads of success bargain hunting at them. Hope you have loads of fun with your new goodies


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      I used to sell at carboots saturdays and sundays and would buy a lot of stock at them. You would have to get up very early to get a good pitch. I quite enjoyed it and all the haggling and gave me a flair for selling and presentation which made me very successful on the craft show circuit. I bought and sold just about anything you can think of. My last purchases were a Claud Butler bike for £10 and a Qualcast roller push lawnmower with grass box for £5.00. I used to sell a lot of vacuum cleaners and my nickname was hooverman. Happy days and glad you got some bargains


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        I got the best fabric lot ever at a car boot - I walked past this stall and there was a massive roll of really nice flowery fabric - must've been 10m - and I asked how much it was and nearly fainted when they said £1! I sold about half of it on Ebay for quite a bit more than I paid and then kept the rest. I even got someone e-mailing me with a photo of what they made with it - how sweet! A good buy all round :-)

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          Oh well done, everyone loves a real bargain. You will have to post your makes. Mo.XX
          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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