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Need help with computer please...........

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  • Need help with computer please...........

    There must be somebody on here with some advice or that's what I'm hoping.

    The mouse on my main pc went dead yesterday. There's a little red light in the centre but normally it flashes really brightly. Keyboard and mouse are wireless.
    I've plugged in several over wired mouses and keyboards but nothing is picking up a connection with the pc.
    So basically without the mouse working I cannot do a thing with the computer and all my work stuff is on there.
    I am now having to use a laptop that is really not the best and certainly cannot run my business from it. I've got such a busy week ahead and really don't need this.

    So does anybody know how I can get any sort of mouse to work on pc?!/...52781658101133

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    Ok, ignore that post as I've managed to get it working again.
    Maybe the computer just needed a good night's sleep!
    Now using a wired up set but it's all working and that's the main thing.!/...52781658101133