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Advice needed - New to all this!

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  • Advice needed - New to all this!

    I have done some work with diamantes decorating picture frames and mirrors. I am really pleased with them and would like to make more, possibly to sell but am put off by the time they take to produce.

    Does anyone have any tips to speed up the process? I am thinking along the lines of a template but can't think how this could be made. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    Many Thanks

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    Maybe you would be better asking a manufacturer - we actually enjoy the 'process' of making things, that's why we are 'crafters'.


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      You can get diamante motifs which are diamantes already in a shape or a picture.Not sure how they attach tho, may be glue or iron on.

      Could you make template with tiny holes to represent where you want the diamante, lay it on the area to be decorated then dot through the holes so you know exactly where the stones need to go.

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        Thanks very much for your positive comments Seahorse, Much appreciated.

        Peter - I don't intend on creating on creating a business empire and flooding the world with my designs but thought it may be nice to make some money from my work. Your comments reflect badly on an otherwise very constructive and helpful forum.


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