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I don't want to go to bed..I'm too excited!!!

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  • I don't want to go to bed..I'm too excited!!!

    I managed to source some pink mosaics a few weeks ago. Until now I have only been able to find one shade but then I came across someone selling some fab shades of pink. Have been so excited since ordering them and it has seemed like forever for them to arrive.

    Our neightbour has just knocked the door with them and now I just want to make mirror with them, not go to bed...arggggghhh!!!

    So I will have to work all day tomorrow, do the food shop, make dinner and only then can I sit down and get started with them - how frustrating!!!! Anyone else ever feel like this?
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    Don't go to bed, stay up make the pink mirror, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to see it. Who needs sleep anyway???????

    No really, tommorrow will soon come and then you can do a lovely job of it. Can't wait to see it posted.


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      I agree with Amanda ... stay up all night and make the pink mirror ... we all want to see it now.

      Failing that .. forget the shopping, you didn't need to feed the kids anyway ... they can always get scraps of leftovers

      Another option .. ring in sick, tell them you're suffering from pink-itus and need to spend all day in your workroom to recover .

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        I know how you feel you order something and you want it there and then but no we need to be patient and wait but when it arrives you want to use it straight away but no - need to be patient again cause everyday life gets in the road (typical).

        Really looking forward to see a pic of this one.



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          Not really the same but i got an account approaved yesterday for encaustic art supplies that i've been waiting for a while (i was soooo excited). Couldn't look at it while the kids were up but once i got them to bed i wanted to get the order sorted and put them on my website before i went to bed. Didn't quite happen - only got half of it done. But never mind theres always tonight.

          Hope you manage to get your mirror done tonight.
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            Know the feeling well - not just with getting new supplies. I decided to get myself scrapping again (haven't done any since moving) last night. I did get as far as sorting some photos but by the time the phone had rung a couple of times, kitchen was finally cleared etc etc it was too late to get everything out!


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              cant wait to see what you make with the pink mosaics i bet it will look stunning

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                Same With New Fabrics....

                ....Can't wait for them to arrive, especially if I've bought them from US. They get here and I rip open the parcel and sit admiring them for ages. Then I spend an age matching or co-ordinating them with my other fabrics and deciding what to make. Then I have a HUGE problem......I can't ever bring myself to cut the fabric up.....

                .....I mean, it might go out of print, or I won't be able to get any more, and it's soooo nice......or the price might go up...or I might think of something it would be absolutely perfect for and I've already used, decisions.

                I love pink, so I'm sure your mirror will be stunning!

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