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    Having a mini crisis here in witchy land

    On the 10th I have my first ever craft fair and I'm not ready I keep trying to sit down and make my hats but I just haven't had chance to as I'm constantly working at teh day job.

    I'm not sure either how much stock to take, so far I have at least on of each different hats so that is 5 altogether. Should I make/take two of each?

    I was going to have blessed hats and also spell kit hats so that would be 10 altogether. I also have some handmade (not by me tho) magic wands which are fantastic and I love them to bits. My mum is sending me some of her stock to sell aswell so there will be other witchy stuff like crystals, candles, incense and stuff. Will this be enough or am I deviating from the handmade crafty stuff too much?

    Ooohh I'm all in a palaver! Maybe I should make my own incense sticks, or maybe I should just admit defeat and shove my head under the duvet
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    Well firstly, don't panic as you won't get anything done if you start stressing out too much!

    It is almost impossible to know how much stock you are going to need as you would have to be able to time travel to see how many sales you make! If you aren't going to be able to make enough, just ensure that you take one of each of your hats as a sample and take orders and payments should anyone want one (they could perhaps be personalised for the buyer?) As long as you have lots of cards to give away so people know how to find you, it is amazing how little an amount of stock you can get away with!

    Now, take a chill pill, have a few deep breaths and do one thing at a time, making sure you focus of the pieces you don't want to leave behind and you will be absolutely fine.
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      Cool - i never knew what you made!

      Well, just take what you can without stressing - follow Ali's wonderful advice - and enjoy yourself! The more relaxed and enthusiastic you are, the better. My husband always says we at least have to sell X number of guitars to feel good about it, and so figure out if what you have already is going to be enough to make you happy - and then use your wonderful personality to really sell them! make few more if necessary - but smile and be happy doing it. Don't let anything be a chore. Love what you're doing and it will show through and they'll sell!

      You can do this! You rock!!

      As for getting into the non-handmade accessories - i know what you are feeling - that you need to beef out your stall. But even if you just have the hats, make your display of them look cute, with what you already have, and just smile your heart out at every customer! You can be a great success!


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        Thanks guys

        Your right, as long as I have leaflets etc I will be fine. I am working on the display and know what I want it to look like but whether it works out of not is another matter

        I have tomorrow off so shall experiment with the table and make a few more hats and then see what it looks like I think. But right now its waaaay to early to be out of bed and off to work so cup of tea time
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