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Your biggest crafting mistakes

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  • Your biggest crafting mistakes

    Running a small craft business is a steep learning curve. What have you got wrong so far? Perhaps we could all learn a thing or two. Ours have been (in no particular order):

    1. Buying about 300 boxes then deciding we wanted new boxes with our logo on after seeing other jewellers at a good craft fair. The paper and card recycling bin was full that week.

    2. Paying upfront for a couple of craft fairs without checking out the organiser who promptly then cashed our cheques and did a runner.

    3. Choosing a ridiculously long and rather boring company name without really thinking about it way back in the 'we might be onto something here lets stick these paper swans on earring hooks and see if we can flog them' stage.

    4. Not really choosing a company logo, just slapping together a 'cool looking font on some flowers' and splashing it over banners, websites and business cards only to realise that we 'probably should design a logo' and do it properly (new logo coming soon - as soon as we run out of business cards with the old logo and can afford a new banner)

    5. Importing materials from America, feeling like a true International Man of Business, only to forget completely about import tax.

    6. Going to a craft fair and putting the postcode of the home address of the organiser in the satnav instead of the postcode of the actual craft fair, only realising when we pulled up at our 'destination' (if 'the Anns' from Pennine craft fairs are reading this - you have a lovely looking house by the way).

    Your turn.
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    Originally posted by SatokosOrigami View Post
    5. Importing materials from America, feeling like a true International Man of Business, only to forget completely about import tax.
    lol I've done that - major shock when I got the letter, and what I thought was a bargain turned out to not be such a bargain after all!

    I bought about 200 wooden dolly pegs once on a whim and still have them in a boox under my bed!

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      Gosh, if I started to list them all, I would be hear for ages.

      A man who never made a mistake never made anything - is my motto. It is what we learn from them that is most important!

      2 major ones that spring to mind.

      Signing for a delivery of one carton - only to discover the next day that it should have been 4 cartons - after numerous phone calls the other 3 never did turn up - that mistake cost us £500. I am now paranoid about checking how many boxes I am signing for!

      Thinking I had found a real bargain of pomace olive oil in Makro - bought 200 litres - made 50 kg of soap, which was awful - then checked the oil label only to discover that it was 75% and 25% soya oil - which as any soaper will know completely threw put the NAOH value for saponification:-(

      I know also thoroughly read the labels

      Mistakes I often see others do - keep doing the same thing and expecting different results?

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        Buying 100 sunglass shaped charms when I only wanted 10. Will check how many noughts I've inputted from now on.