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BOO HOO! I cannot believe what I just did!

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  • BOO HOO! I cannot believe what I just did!

    I feel like the biggest idiot of all time. After spending all morning choosing colours and cutting glass and putting it together ready for firing I loaded up the kiln with all my precious new jewellery designs. It got up to 1000 degrees and I then had just 20 minutes to wait while it got up to fusing temperature on it's highest setting.

    So I logged on here to kill some time .....which is where the fatal error came. After happily pootling around messaging people and mooching round Etsy I remembered the kiln. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh. It had managed to reach nearly 2000 degrees and all my lovely stuff is melted away into puddles. I'm lucky the house didn't burn down around me.

    Please someone else tell me they have at one time done something equally stupid to cheer me up!

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    Oh Michelle,

    I sympathise with you completely. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I've been having problems with my kiln not working and had borrowed one from a friend so that I could get things fired for an event. It was a very old manual one that I borrowed, something I wasn't used to. I didn't know that anything was wrong until I opened it the next day and found that all of my beautiful vases were melted in the bottom. I still haven't had the heart to clean it all out, makes me so mad with myself.

    With my own kiln, I just put in the cone number and leave it to itself without having to worry about anything.

    Sorry, it won't cheer you up but at least you can feel comfort in the fact that you're not alone, I know I do now.

    Something that gave others a giggle, but I couldn't laugh at the time ..... (my kiln is in my ex-dining room) .. I went to load my kiln up a couple of months ago and had loaded the first couple of shelves. I bent down to pick up a shelf that way laying on the floor ..... the bloody thing wouldn't budge! When hubby had emptied it the previous day, he had put a hot shelf on the floor and it had stuck to the carpet! I could have killed him. I now have a scorch mark on my carpet for all to see and tell the tale lol.

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      Computers are evil - they steal time

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        Oh no!!!!Thats so horrid, how much did you lose?

        Well, not as traumatic as your story but, Ive been waiting a week for some jewellery components, really looking forward to the post everyday to see if theyve arrived.
        Today they still hadnt shown so I emailed the company(well I thought I had, I actually emailed 3 times to the wrong company, it had the same starting initial, thats my excuse anyway)to say I hadnt reeived it.
        They came back with 'well it was in your basket but not actually paid for'.!!!!
        I couldnt fricking believe it.
        My brain is dissapearing fast!!

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          I did something similar, came on the forum, forgot that I had put wax on to melt. Only remembered when the smell hit me - nearly burned the house down.


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            Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
            Oh no!!!!Thats so horrid, how much did you lose?
            Have lost about 30 pendants, sob. On the plus side have gained 3 very strange and unattractive brownish glass puddles. Am starting to be able to laugh about it now....only just, mind.


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              put a pic up of the puddles and we shall see whatwe can come up with to reuse them.
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                When I was at school (OK it was a long time ago ) we did a candle-making class and I managed to ignite the wax - yikes! The teached managed to control things but I was quickly moved to needlework!

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                  I frequently burn my son's tea because I'm sat on the pooter.

                  Not much of a comparison I know, but time does slip away with you when you're on t'internet!
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                    Well, my story isnt exactly the same but I once tried making some beads & pendants with fimo (in my oven) and went off to check emails & sort of forgot they only take a few minutes to cook & somehow managed to fill the kitchen with toxic black smoke !! I made my daughter sit in the garden for ages while I de-fogged it by flapping a tea-towel around (she thought I was completely bonkers !)

                    p.s. the 'beads' came out like little lumps of charcoal and I havent had the heart to try again !


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                      Not quite the same but I walked down to the post office when Anya was about 18 months so it took us a while - on the way back I realised that I had put the cakes in the oven and hadn't taken them out before we set off. Huge big panic as I ran through the park with Anya on my shoulders ( I was much bigger then so didn't move too fast!) Of course as I got nearer the house I heard sirens going Luckily it was just a police car going down the main road and when we got in the cakes were perfect! Even though I'd been gone an hour and they only take 20 mins! Glad that was the day that the oven decided to play up!!

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                        Am quite often doing it with my little fimo models for the childrens name plaques, and get soooo annoyed as they take quite a while to do and can be so monotonous when you have a few orders of fairy plaques, and by the time I remember the little while fairy has changed race!!!
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                          I dare not tell of the many many daft and stupid things I've done, but non craft related (to make you feel better) I once went hiking (part of doing my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award) and managed to lose a boot.....

                          This was around 15 years ago and I very rarely see my 'fellow hikers' but they STILL bring it up in coversation!!!