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How NOT to get a shop to stock your products

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  • How NOT to get a shop to stock your products

    This is a warning to all really who are looking for shops to sell your products in.

    Yesterday the postman popped a letter through my door saying that someone had sent me a letter without the correct postage on it. It was address to my online shop so it intrigued me.

    So today I had to drive to the outskirts of the city for the sorting office and then had to pay £1.19 to get this letter. Got into my car opened it and it was someone trying to get me to stock their new product, they had included a sample of the product so I could see it. Then shoved a 2nd class stamp on it! was definately not enough to cover the postage at all.

    I won't be stocking this item in my shop for the simple fact that I did not ask for the letter to be sent to me so why should I have had to pay the extra money for their mistake.

    So lesson to everyone make sure you use the correct postage!!
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    Disgraceful! Phone them and ask for your 1.19


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      Originally posted by CraftyPoppy View Post
      Disgraceful! Phone them and ask for your 1.19
      I agree, I would either write or phone and say that when they pay you the excess postage you might consider it. Of course, having duly considered it you will say no but they don't know that.
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        I have a 'thing' about 2nd class stamps, especially on Christmas and Birthday cards, my husband laughs at me it sort of says 'nah, you're not important enough for a 1st class one' !! I know it's cheaper and may be the only option you have at the time but it does bug me lol
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          Not on birthday cards (they go first class because I only ever remember a birthday on the actual day ) but because I am really concerned about keeping my customers' finances healthy - I send 90% of my mail order stuff second class post.
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          Sympathies, Nicky. It is soooooooo annoying to have to pay to get a rubbish package.


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            I send everything second class because, in my experience, it arrives just as fast as first class, but costs less!

            Nicky, I'd do as Carol says, phone them and be all gushing and say that you are interested in their product and that if they refund you the £1.19 you will consider an order. Nobody said you would have the order!!

            (tut, tut, I see a wicked streak in me appearing!) but honestly what a cheek!
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              If the person receives the card then why not send it second class. With Christmas cards it get there just as quick because the post office want to get all the mail out before they close for Christmas.

              The money is better lining your pocket rather than the post offices


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                That is just terrible, you should definitely contact them and tell them what happened, and maybe explain that it probably isn't the best way for them to try and get business. They may be trying really hard, and can't understand why they aren't getting anywhere, and can't understand what a glaring mistake they are making...hopefully they will be really embarrassed, if not then they are super rude!


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                  Its a bit cheap jack sending stuff by second class. I would of returned the item And told em what to do with their £1.19. Its a public disgrace!


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                    Only once have I been caught by the Royal Mail with their £1 plus extra charges on a letter. Appeared the stamp had come off, the letter was from my son. My point is, since then I have refused point blank to accept anything which hasn't got the correct postage on it, and I am expected to pay the extra.

                    To date I have only had to refused one, which was slightly overweight for the postage paid, and the Royal Mail automatically added on £1 for their trouble in collecting the extra postage due. I eventually got the package re-delivered two weeks later with the correct postage on it.

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                      Wow! I can't believe that someone would knowingly posted something that didn't have enough postage on it. I know that postage stamps can fall off and there are exceptions to the rule but this obviously seems like its not the case. Tut tut. Not a great way to make a first and probably last impression!


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                        Although slightly different from your situation, it reminds me of something that happened to me a few years back.

                        I once received a notice to go and collect something from the PO Exchange because it had incorrect postage on it. When I got to the PO Exchange and handed over the notice they handed me an over sized board backed A4 envelope. From the printing on the outer envelope I saw that it was from a franchise company I knew nothing about and had never contacted (I have no reason to want to franchise anything!)

                        I refused receipt of the package, so didn't have to pay for something I clearly did not want and had not asked for and the PO (I presume) either returned or destroyed it.

                        A bit cheeky on the part of the franchise company eh?! (And clearly not a particularly successful marketing method either...)

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