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wondering what crafts you are in to?

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  • wondering what crafts you are in to?

    I only took up card making/scrapbooking/altered art - in the last 4 weeks. Love it - love it too much really. REALLY wish I'd started earlier in life.

    But wondered what 'art' - 'craft' etc you were all in to.

    I normally do watercolour painting - drawing etc.
    Love the effects of 'Encaustic Art' also. Glass painting and I do canvasses of foil embossing painted with glass paints - wonderful effect, comes out like enamelling. Beautiful.

    PLUS ................... I love photography (but don't do much and can't say I'm real good at it, although have a few shots which I think are terrific).

    Over the years I used to make ALL MY OWN CLOTHES (too expensive now to do).

    I've been into knitting and crocheting - AND did lots and lots and lots of cross stitch (from my own designs). Cross stitched loads of peoples 'homes' too.

    and theres bound to be loads more that I've had a dabble in that I can't quite bring to mind at the moment.

    So what do you do - have done or are you in to at the mo?


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    I did 15 years of fashion/costume designing as a hobby, then went to wooden crafts, then crafts in general, now my drug of choice is jewellery making.The more sparkle the better.

    Im making a skirt for a pla at the moment, so far so good but there is always time for disaster.

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      Because I work full time too I don't get a lot of time to do anything other than my candles. However when I do get the chance to kick back I do a teeny bit of knitting.

      I really want to try sewing but I am absolutely useless - all fingers, thumbs and thread!!! I can't even sew on my daughters guide badges right, no kidding my husband does it!!! and he wasn't even in the scouts!! I however was a Brownie and a Guide - some how managed to skip the sewing badge though.



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        I have done the odd bit of cross stitch but I'm a Quiller myself. Have been quilling for 20 years or so. Any other craft I've dabbled in soon gets pushed to one side and I go back to the quilling.

        I have done pottery, cross stitch, toy making, painting, woodwork, metalwork... (admitedly I did some of these at school).
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          I never really considered myself very creative at all, until I started making soap and now I can't stop! I did try to make my own clothes when I was a teenager, but I just cannot use a sewing machine, other people make it look so easy but when I try bad things happen! I still look at all the wonderful dressmaking patterns and dream that one day it might all make sense!

          I do love making cards and consider that to be my craft hobby when I get a break! I've just created some new bath products so I'm going to busy with them for a while.


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            I start making cards a few years ago, but decided to teach myself how to make jewellery as i spent soooo much money in Accessorise!!!!I love it, but don't get enough time to do it, up til a couple of months ago i was working two jobs but have given one up in the hope of finding more time to make jewellery, but i just don't know where the time goes, pleased with myself this morning i have made 2 Lariat necklaces which i've been wanting to make for ages but have never got them to look how i wanted!!Feeling quite chuffed....


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              Until I sat down and thought about it I didn't particularly think of myself as a crafty person. Then I rembered everything that I've done and think 'Yes I am !' lol. I always considered crafty people to be artistic. I know that I'm in no way artistic, I can't draw a line without a ruler lol. But I was wrong, crafty people are creative which in itself is art.

              I've tried many things in the past. I started with needlework (cross stitch, tapestry etc.) around 15 years ago. At the same time I did a lot of machine sewing, particularly interiors (curtains, bed covers, cushions etc). It took me a while to find something else when I got bored. I moved onto paper crafting about 5 years ago and loved making cards and scrapbooking etc.

              Then I found pottery!!! In particular, slipcasting. As the saying goes 'it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it' lol. After setting up the business I found I don't have time for papercrafting, all my stuff is sitting here looking at me wondering if it will see the light of day again. However, I did take out my Sizzix machine that I've hardely used from the day I bought it and cut out some letters to use on my table covering for the stall at fairs.

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                I have a daytime job too so at the moment I just stick to my woodcrafts. However I have in the past done glass and ceramic painting and watercolour and acrylic painting on canvas, oh and fimo modelling. Crafts I would love to try are pottery and glass fusing, and would LOVE to be able to sew but have never mastered that one!!!
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                  I'm a cardmaker here But have tried loads of crafts over the years, some of which I still dabble with.

                  I have done *deep breath* knitting, sewing, applique, cross-stitching, encaustic art, crochet, and egg-crafting.

                  I would love to be able to paint, but just don't have that talent.

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                    Im another card maker i also scrapbook and i do nappy cakes wedding towel cakes and baby shower gifts i have also done knitting and a little bit of crochet

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